Government-Mandated Hysteria

Stop panicking over Ebola. Start panicking over Global Warming.

cdcThe media starts hysterical panics the way that Burger King makes burgers, but now it’s bemoaning “hysteria” and “panic” over Ebola. It’s silly for Americans to be worried about a lethal virus that has killed thousands, the self-proclaimed experts insist. It’s time to get over our irrational Ebolaphobic fear of a deadly epidemic.

Being concerned about Ebola is almost as silly as the other target of the media’s lectures about “hysteria” and “panic”… Islamic terrorism. Ebolaphobia and Islamophobia are the real threats.

Both Ebola and Jihad are transnational crises that can be stopped at the airport. That’s why the media swarm is breeding articles shrieking that you can’t stop Ebola from coming to America by preventing people with Ebola from coming to America. They tell us that it has to be stopped in Africa at the source.

Considering that Africa has hundreds of millions of Malaria cases, accounts for around half the cholera cases in the world and has seen the return of the Bubonic Plague; it’s safe to say that no disease can be stopped at the source in Africa. The White House claims that we shouldn’t protect America if we can’t save Africa. If we follow that transnational logic, how long until we’re starving ourselves to feed Africa?

It’s leftwing hysteria that is the major problem when it comes to Ebola. Instead of having a rational conversation about a travel ban, we’re forced to cope with shrieking leftists insisting that it can’t possibly work because it wouldn’t be perfect and therefore we shouldn’t do it at all.

And, they insist hysterically, we’re being hysterical by even worrying about Ebola.

The same diseased logic dictates their opposition to the War on Terror. We can either prevent Muslims from being radicalized or fight terrorism, they insist. If we fight terrorism, we’ll radicalize Muslims. The only thing to do is to stop fighting terrorism and hope that Muslims stop killing us.

If we fight Muslim terrorism, terrorism wins. If we quarantine Ebola, Ebola wins.

Today we’re getting lectured on how many more people die of the flu in America than of Ebola. After 9/11 we were told incessantly how many more people died in car accidents than in the World Trade Center. Both of these statistics have as much relevance as telling a drowning man that more people die in skiing accidents. But the panicking leftwing media can’t stop the distractions for even a minute.

Why should Americans be worried when their government waves ISIS Jihadists and Ebola patients through the airport? You have to be a hysterically panicking nut to be concerned about two deadly phenomena that have already killed thousands of people within recent memory entering the country.

The same talking heads shaking their heads over those wacky Americans worried that they’ll die just because the man sitting in the seat next to them is vomiting Ebola into a paper bag or reading the bloodiest parts of the Koran while adjusting a wire that leads to his shoe, are not immune to panic.

Throw something serious at them like Global Warming or Gamergate, the Redskins, Voter ID or children praying in school and they will hysterically panic so hard that the chyrons scrolling under their sweating faces will turn red. Forget silly old Ebola, somewhere a high school still has an Indian mascot. Terrorism? Don’t make me laugh. Not when a 5-year-old is biting his pop tart into the shape of an assault rifle. MSNBC spent more time on Christie’s bridge than on Ebola because he scares them more than Ebola.

Americans and Canadians concerned about Ebola or Jihad are accused of hysterically panicking, but that’s just because they’re not engaging in the approved government mandated forms of hysteria.

It’s silly to be worried about a deadly infectious disease. The sensible thing to do is dress up in a polar bear costume and stagger around in the People’s Climate March which claims that the Statue of Liberty will be underwater if we don’t all pay higher taxes in tribute to the Flying Global Warming Monster.

It’s ridiculous to panic over terrorism. The right thing to do is panic over a warming trend that statistically doesn’t actually exist while trying to ban everything from shopping bags to cars.

When Al Gore said that the North Pole’s ice cap would disappear by 2013, after claiming the year before that it might disappear in 2014, no one accused him of panic or hysteria. The media mocks televangelists who wrongly predict the end of the world, but doesn’t point the same smarmy smile at Warmists who keep getting the date when their Global Warming Monster is supposed to devour us all wrong.

You won’t find “Climate Change” and “Hysteria” in the same paragraph in the media because hysterics who are hysterically panicking over something silly never think that they’re the ones who need a good slap and a sizable dose of pills. They just wish everyone would stop wasting time worrying about planes flying into buildings, put on a costume and march with them while screaming that the sky is falling.

Unfortunately those same lunatics are not only running the media, they’re also running the country.

Instead of fighting Ebola, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) were focusing on Global Warming with a “Climate-Ready-States” program. None of this insane gibberish about tropical cyclones and rising seas accompanied by a picture of lightning striking the ocean had anything to do with infectious diseases.

It was government mandated hysteria.

The National Institutes of Health was also neglecting Ebola while focusing on the health effects of Global Warming. Meanwhile an Ebola vaccine was sitting on the shelf because it wasn’t nearly as exciting as preparing for an imaginary apocalypse.

The CDC had even found the time to roll out a Zombie preparedness site. It just couldn’t find the time to warn hospitals that there should be no skin contact with an Ebola patient. But Ebola isn’t nearly as interesting as zombies. It’s much less interesting than the Global Warming Monster.

You can’t expect a leftist government run by former campaign staffers with the attention span of fruit flies to care about a problem that only appeared in a Dustin Hoffman movie in 1995 back when they were in diapers. Not when there are so many new imaginary problems to lose their minds over.

Ideologues make good screamers and bad leaders. The media-government complex is dominated by ideologues whose only skill is telling crazy lies to paper over the gap between reality and ideology.

Leftists have already chosen Global Warming as their crisis because it serves their larger agenda of controlling every aspect of human behavior. Aside from claiming that Ebola and Islamic terrorism are caused by the Global Warming Monster, they refuse to address them in any meaningful way.

Ebola and Islamic terrorism are isolationist crises that can be defended against by closing our borders. And that’s exactly what the left does not want. Their preferred crises are transnational crises that require Americans to accept some part in a global infrastructure for an unworkable holistic solution.

When leftists are forced to address Ebola or Jihad, they do so through the transnational framework, exposing Americans to more risk while handing over more American rights and revenues to a global infrastructure. Anything other than the sacrifice of sovereignty, they deem hysteria and panic.

Government mandated hysteria occurs in the service of collectivist crises that require us to give up our freedom and autonomy. These are the crises that the media will blare through its billion screens. Real problems are deflated, their critics are ridiculed and the body count is blamed on someone else.

The problem isn’t public hysteria; it’s hysterical governments and their panicking propaganda operations that call their own people hysterics for noticing how badly their leaders have screwed up.

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