Child Marriage in Islam -- on The Glazov Gang

The case of Mohammed and Aisha in Islamic texts.

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This week's Glazov Gang episode was joined by Louis Lionheart, a scholar of Islam who engages in open-air debates, dialogues and evangelism on 3rd. Street Promenade in Santa Monica, Ca. His website is:

Louis came on the show to discuss "Child Marriage in Islam," dissecting the case of Mohammed and Aisha in Islamic texts. The evidence deals with the prophet of Islam's marriage to a 6-year-old girl, and his "consummation" of that marriage when she was 9. Louis analyses the Islamic theology that describes this marriage and how the Islamic and non-Islamic world has dealt, and not dealt, with the Islamic reality of this case.

Don't miss this week's second episode with Bosch Fawstin, the world's first anti-jihad comic book author and illustrator. He is The Eisner Award nominated cartoonist who is the creator of the new comic book series, The Infidel, Featuring Pigman, the superhero who is waging a new war against Islam.

Bosch discussed his creation, "Pigman," his childhood growing up as a Muslim, the threat we face in Islam, our leadership's failure to confront the threat, and much, much more:

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