The Hoax of Black Victimization at the Oscars

Are a whole lot of black people really in prison for no reason whatsoever?

lkIf John Legend and Prince and all the celebrities at the Oscars and Grammys are right, then so is this: A whole lot of black people are in prison For No Reason Whatsoever. Or tens of thousand of white people are getting away with murder. Or both.

Legend, of course, is the singer/songwriter who won the Oscar for his music from the movie Selma. He used his acceptance speech to reveal a bit of truth that maybe some folks wish he had not: Selma is not really about the past but the present. And how black people are still relentless victims of relentless white racism that happens all the time, everywhere and explains everything.

Legend finished his speech by reminding us there are more black people in prison today than there were slaves in 1850. No on one is disputing that either: The incarceration rates for black people are anywhere from 6 to 10 times higher than for whites. And ten times more than that for Asians.

But here is the question that Legend and his merry band of celebrities left out: Are all those black people in prison for No Reason Whatsoever?

If so, that problem has a simple solution: Get’ em out. Get some witnesses, videos, victims, police reports and 911 calls and put them all together, present them to black judges and black prosecutors and then get ready for the deluge of innocent black people streaming out of the prisons and back into the places where they were falsely convicted in the first place.

Or maybe cops are just ignoring white criminals. That would also explain the disparity.

If that is the case, the solution is kind of the same: Just gather the evidence and lock ‘em up.

Surely there are enough black mayors, black police chiefs, black prosecutors, black judges, black newspapers, black radio stations, black web sites and black juries in black cities to make this happen.

The idea that cops pick on black people and ignore white people is conventional wisdom on the news outlets where racial grievance is served up like the latest Marie Osmond diet plan. And they always cite the same bogus facts from the same bogus study to back up their same bogus claims that sometimes end up at the Academy Awards in front of one billion people:

Black people and white people use the same amount of drugs. But black people are arrested four times more often. That story is easy to find in the New York Times, Washington Post and lots of other places.

It is also easy to show it is wrong by asking just one little question: “How do we know that?”

That popular piece of misinformation comes from the Census Department. They choose 3500 families to do a “super census” and ask about 45 minutes worth of questions in your home. Including: Do you smoke pot?

That study shows no difference between white and black people when it comes to admitting they use marijuana. But the Census Bureau does not test for drugs. They take your word for it. That is called self-reporting and it is notoriously unreliable way of figuring out if someone is using drugs.

In fact, Johns Hopkins University and the Journal of Addictive Behaviors are just two of the outfits that have studied this. They found when you compare black and white drug use — where they test you — with black and white drug use that is self reported, black people lie six times more often.

Yes, they said that.

Here’s the kicker, Legend and Common: As bad as black crimes rates are, they are actually way, way worse. Think of stitches for snitches, witness intimidation, Bronx juries, fewer arrests, and of course do not forget what Melissa Harris Perry, the high priestess of black grievance, said on her MSNBC show:

Black women do not like to report rape and domestic violence because they know black men will be the victims of racist white police. “So they don’t call,” quoth she.

In Detroit, they recently found 11,000 rape kits in a warehouse. Untested. That’s a lot more people who belong in prison, Mr. Legend, but who are not.

David Horowitz calls it Black Skin Privilege.

Now that, Mr. Legend, would be a great song.


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