Ami Horowitz on the Streets of Ferguson, Berkeley and Beyond

Filmmaker discusses bringing conservative principles to the big screen at the West Coast Retreat.

Editor’s note: Below are the video and transcript to Ami Horowitz’s speech at the Freedom Center’s 2015 West Coast Retreat. The event was held March 6-8 in Palos Verdes, CA. 

Ami Horowitz from DHFC on Vimeo.

Ami Horowitz: My background is a little different than film entertainment.  I was an investment banker most of my career and then decided to make real money by making videos and entertaining films.  My first movie was a movie some of you may or may not have seen.  It was called “UN Me” and it was about the destructive nature of the United Nations, and it came out in June 2012 in theaters around the United States.  It was the most downloaded iTunes video, documentary video, while it was out.  We have since sold it to about 12 countries around the world that licensed it for broadcast.  Several million people have seen it.  While I’m proud of that, what I’m really proud of is the ethos of what I do, which is I try to find a particular ethic or conservative principle that’s important to me, important to our community.  I try to repackage it in a comedic, irreverent way that will get the left to sign up on the issue of the day that I’m talking about.

So for example, we were able to get with this movie, “UN Me,” the left, particularly the mainstream media left, to embrace the movie, which was really shocking when it came out.  And most of the major reviewers around the county, around the world really, were extremely positive — New York Times, L.A. Times, Washington Post, NPR and go on and on.  There were positive major features — full-page feature in the Washington Post, full-page Examiner, full-page New York Daily News. Access Hollywood, NBC Nightly News, all had nothing but positive things to say about the movie and what we did.  So I feel proud I was able to accomplish a conservative value and ethic that we were able to then promulgate to the mainstream media.  And that’s kind of what I’ve begun to build myself on.

The next video you are about to see is another example of that where we took — and some of you may have already seen it, but watch it again — we took another conservative value which is that our university systems are failing our children. They seem to be nothing but indoctrination universities, when they really should be called that, and our children are really walking around being taught four years of a leftist agenda.  This video essentially will show you what’s become of that.  This video has been seen now between — it’s tough to keep track because so many other different videos keep reposting it — between 8 and 10 million times around the world.  The beauty of Google analytics, you can tell every country that has seen the movie and literally, literally every country on planet earth saw this movie.  Djibouti saw it.  Eleven people in Antarctica saw this video.  I didn’t know there was 11 people at one time in Antarctica.  Again it was covered very heavily by the media around the world in a very positive way.  So another conservative issue that we were able to make resonate among the left.  So this is the movie, the video. In just a couple minutes, I’ll intro the next one.


So I do a series for — and that was broadcast on Fox News — I do a series for Fox News called Ami on the Street.  This next video I’m going to show you, I went to pitch it to the powers that be at Fox and their response to this, and their exact words: “Over our dead body are we going to send you to Ferguson because it will probably result in your dead body.”  So I said ok, I won’t do it on Fox.  So I then turned to the great Ben Shapiro who said, “You don’t work for me, so I don’t care if you die.  Happy if you go there for me.”  So the result is Ami on the Street in Ferguson.  Thank you.


So that got well over a million hits as well.  At Truth Revolt.  I’ve been to Cairo, Gaza, the West Bank.  It’s among the more scarier places I ever did these videos.  Who would have thought?

And in the last one and I will be out of your hair. I’m doing a new feature film, and I won’t tell you the name.  The name will pop up there.  But it’s essentially, if UN Me was more compared to by the media to Michael Moore, sort of that irreverent documentary style, this new movie is more like — you guys are familiar with Borat with Sasha Baron Cohen? So it’s going to be more like Borat-stuntish and essentially is going to expose in a serious way global anti-Semitism to show the world, who doesn’t know, and shockingly you guys may not know — we know because were kind of in it — most of the world has no idea that there are people slaughtering Jews in the streets of France and the streets of Kansas today.  So this next movie will be a movie that I’m raising money for. So if anybody’s interested, happy to have a conversation about it.  But anyways, enjoy.


Bad Jew.  I’m a very bad Jew on so many different levels.  It’s a new movie.  I’m actually here in L.A. meeting with some distributors for the movie.  We’re just starting production.  So if anybody feels they would like to know more about it, I’d be happy to spend some time with them.

Thank you very much guys.  It was a pleasure being here.  You should all pat yourself on the back for the great work you do for this great organization.  It deserves every dime you give it and all the effort that you give.  So thank you very much.

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