NY Times Slanders Victims of Texas Attack

America's dishonest paper of record.

1424708300-640px-the_new_york_times__2499903005_Last night, two heavily armed gunmen, equipped with AK-47s and drum-type, high capacity magazines were shot and killed by alert police after they opened fire on an unarmed security guard assigned to protect a First Amendment, Free Speech event in Garland Texas. The event was organized by the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), headed by Pam Geller and featured drawings and depictions of Mohammed, believed to be a prophet & messenger of God by devout Muslims. As underscored by the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Muslims have resorted to terrorism and murder to prevent anyone from displaying imagery of Mohammed.

AFDI hosted the event to underscore a core American belief enshrined in the United States Constitution that Americans have a broad, inalienable right to free speech so long as others are not directly endangered by that speech. But the New York Times saw it differently and couldn’t help but take an unfair swipe at the AFDI. On May 4, the paper ran the following headline; “Official Identifies One Suspect in Attack at Texas Anti-Islam Event,” (emphasis added).

The headline was grossly misleading. The event was not “anti-Islamic.” It was a hosted gathering of concerned citizens designed to underscore and celebrate our nation’s sacrosanct tradition of free speech, a concept embedded in our Constitution. To describe it as anti-Islamic is beyond defamatory.

Of course, it is unsurprising that the New York Times would choose to run such a deceptive headline. The Times wishes to render a narrative that seeks to portray those who desired to carry out another Charlie Hebdo-like massacre as victims of “Islamophobia;” an foolhardy, disingenuous term that in the words of Christopher Hitchens, (attributed to him by Sam Harris) was invented by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons. In this case, the cowardly New York Times, adopting the verbiage of some fascist Islamic groups, wishes to manipulate the minds of some of its moronic readership through subtle obfuscation.

Last week, the New York Times ran an equally deceptive headline that merged and confused cause and effect. The article, written by Diaa Hadid, a virulently anti-Israeli reporter, featured a headline simply noting that Israeli police officers killed two Palestinian men. Absent from the headline was the fact that those Palestinian men were actually terrorists who, armed with hatchet and knives, went on a stabbing rampage with the aim of killing as many Jews as possible. Thankfully, they were neutralized by alert security forces before inflicting serious injuries.

Evidence of the Times’ extreme bias becomes abundantly clear when one contrasts Hadid’s headline and her coverage of the police shootings against the manner in which the Times chose to cover the deaths of Israelis during a particularly gruesome Palestinian terrorist attack on a synagogue last November, in which five Israelis – four worshipers and one cop – were murdered. The Times ran the following headline; “Four Killed in Jerusalem Synagogue Complex.” Note the conspicuous absence of any mention of the perpetrators of the murders. If the New York Times maintained any semblance of impartiality, the headline would have highlighted the culprits of the attack and read; “Palestinians kill four Israelis in Synagogue.”

These examples barely scratch the surface of the problematic reporting endemic to the New York Times, particularly when it comes to its reporting of the Arab-Israeli dispute and its ancillary issues involving radical Islam. Rather than objectively reporting the news, the Times wishes to portray a narrative that seeks to skew public opinion in subtle and not so subtle ways and resorts to misleading headlines and other obfuscating techniques to pursue its pernicious agenda of advancing anti-Israeli causes and maligning those who will not be bullied by thug tactics imposed by radical Islamists. Thus, a Free Speech event is cynically transformed into an “anti-Islamic” event and Israeli policemen who neutralize terrorists seemingly act without provocation as if the shootings emerged from a vacuum. Conversely, the Times displays skittishness when those who perpetrate murder happen to be Palestinian.

Given its knack for obfuscation and fabrication, it is no wonder that the New York Times – the paper that comically boasts of printing “all the news that’s fit to print,” placed second as the most dishonest reporter in 2014 and placed first the preceding year.

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