Edwin Black on the War Against the Jews

The greatest threats to Israel and the Jewish people explained at the Freedom Center's Restoration Weekend.

Below are the video and transcript of Edwin Black's speech which took place at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 2015 Restoration Weekend. The event was held November 5-8th at the Belmond Charleston Place Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina.

Edwin Black from DHFC on Vimeo.

Edwin Black: This is the first of 40 events for me in November, and I do about 200 events a year.  I just got back from Jerusalem and London.  I was in Jerusalem for the stabbing attacks, which are still going on.  I was also consulting some little-known Turkish records that I found, and then I was in London and I had access to documents – British documents – from the mandate period, that's the 1920s and even before, which have never been seen.  They were simply written by officials to be sealed during their lifetime and pretty much for most of their children's lifetime, so here I'm opening up a document that says sealed for 70 years or for 90 years or anything of that nature.  So that's for my next book. 

For those of you who might not know, I'm Edwin Black and I wrote IBM and the Holocaust.  I wrote The Farhud: Roots of the Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust, Internal Combustion about the history of oil, and my most recent book of 11 bestsellers is Financing the Flames on how taxpayers are contributing to and funding NGOs and other organizations so that they can engage in a war of conflict and even terrorism with Israel, leading in areas of BDS, Iran nuclear.  So instead of focusing on one item, what I thought I would do is I looked at the poster of all the things that said I was going to talk about, which would keep us here for 6 hours, and I'm just going to say a word or two about that, then I'm going to take any questions that anybody has about anything that either I can cover or that I can fake and pretend I have knowledge about.

So first let me tell you about the knifings.  Was anyone in Jerusalem in the past month?  No one?  Okay.  Well, I was. The day we got to Jerusalem, which I believe was the 8th of October, suddenly the stabbings started.  Now, previously, you all know there were car rammings, and there were so many stabbings and they were so random that even the security people that I worked with told me to be very careful and have eyes in the back of my head.  Everyone at one point was encouraged to walk around with a gun.  So here I am at the Waldorf Astoria having breakfast and my good friends are coming to meet me and I give them a hug and there's a Glock in the back of their belt.  I did go through the Old City on Shavis to the Kotel. I just said I'm not coming to Israel to hide, and there was a very scary proposition.

This outbreak of Palestinian terrorism is worse in many ways than 4,000 rockets from Gaza and pretty much everyone that I spoke to agreed with me.  Because with 4,000 rockets from Gaza you can send up the iron dome, you can talk about it as a war from over there.  This involved the concept of co-existence, peaceful co-existence.  Remember:  There can be no peace in our lifetime with the Arabs and the Palestinians in Israel, but there can be peaceful co-existence.  And when a guy from Bezeq, from the phone company, not some guy without a job, but when a guy from the phone company, goes into his car and rams a family in the middle of a neighborhood and then gets out of his car and starts chopping them to death people start looking at each other.  People look at people who they would ordinarily be in peaceful co-existence with, in normal comity with, in normal relations with, and everybody will again suspect their neighbor – that can destroy Israel faster than any missile that could possibly be intercepted.  In my opinion peaceful co-existence has been set back a decade or two. A decade or two.  There are many other aspects to this.  I won't go into all of it.

Another thing that I've been asked to speak about was Jonathan Pollard.  I was the first reporter to interview Jonathan Pollard in prison and he's being released at the end of this month.  He has served more time -- he spent 30 years in prison. And people have said, why has Jonathan Pollard spent 30 years in prison?  So I actually gave a short discussion about that in Jerusalem and one the other day in Washington and about 13 years ago I wrote an article on why Jonathan Pollard has spent so much time in prison.  It was 8,800 words.  And at that time the newspapers were still printing on paper and no one could run more than 5,500 words on it so now they have something called the Internet (thanks to Al Gore) and so all these papers ran that same article from 13 years ago and nothing had changed. 

The reason Jonathan Pollard has spent all this time in jail is because he had a plea agreement that he would cooperate with the government and the government would not request a life sentence and in the fine print, as you normally have in any such plea agreement, you're not going to do any pre-sentencing interviews and things of that nature.  Two interviews were given to Wolf Blitzer (at that time working for the Jerusalem Post) while he was in prison, then his wife went on "60 Minutes" all before the sentencing.  The judge was outraged and Casper Weinberger, who kept his secret for years until he revealed it to me – I was the only one to interview Casper Weinberger on this subject. Casper Weinberger provided a four-page declaration of why Jonathan Pollard had damaged so much of America's security that he could never be let out and Weinberger then told me this was all an exaggeration.  It was just made to be something more than it should have been.  The government retaliated against Jonathan Pollard.  Jonathan Pollard provoked many, many people, the judicial system, American Jewish leadership, those who wanted to defend him, to protect him. So when the judge finally threw the book at him and broke the agreement based on a specious declaration his lawyer never filed the 10-day appeal notice.  Any lawyers knew him?  Anyone who was previously married to a lawyer?  So when your guy gets sentenced to life and he's supposed to not get life you file an appeal, right? And if you don't file that appeal in 10 days what happens?

Next Speaker: You forfeit your right.

Edwin Black: For how long?

Next Speaker: Ever.

Edwin Black: Forever – you forfeit your rights.  So all these years, all these years his lawyers have not been trying to appeal the case.  They've been trying to claim he never got due process.  It was a case of habeas corpus.  And all these years they just wanted to get an evidentiary hearing to cross-examine the document that Casper Weinberger told me was a complete fabrication.  And every time Pollard would come up for parole, all the guys who hated him -- Jewish people in the security establishment, who said you have made it hell for us to do our job because you claimed you were doing it as Jews; Tenet, George Tenet; the prosecutors, they would hand it down as a legacy of hate.  They would always say Jonathan Pollard has so much information that it's a threat to national security to even let him out.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're talking about 1987.  We're talking about the carbon paper age.  Typewriters.  This is before personal computers.  Now when I interviewed Jonathan Pollard in prison I had to get permission from the director of Naval intelligence, his legal attachés and then I had to get two guys from the National Security Agency to accompany me down to North Carolina and sit right across the table from me while I'm interviewing Jonathan Pollard as close as she is to me in case there was any secret communications going on.  And we're talking for an hour, 90 minutes, and these guys are doing their crossword puzzle and they're checking their calendars and pretending to be disinterested, and then I said, "Well, Shabbat Shalom," and they looked at me like I'd passed a code word!  And they said, "No foreign languages."  I said, "Are you aware of the fact that Jonathan Pollard's wife, his second wife, is a Canadian national and that every day, every hour of every day he's talking all day long to the worst criminals in North Carolina?"  That didn't matter.  So you see it was a great injustice caused by Jonathan Pollard and fulfilled.  They gave him enough rope, they deliberately let Wolf Blitzer into a high security prison, and then they claimed he got in there somehow without permission.  They gave him enough rope and then they hung him.  So that's on Jonathan Pollard.

Now I want to talk to you about the BDS, and then I'm going to take questions.  And you can ask me something on Israel and international law, the BDS, anything of that nature.  In our pursuit of trying to combat the BDS – which of course did not start in 2005 with civil society. In truth it began on April 1, 1933 when Adolf Hitler announced the boycott of Israel and of Jews in Germany, and the mufti of Jerusalem adopted it as his effort to combat the Jews, the Jewish presence which was small at that time in Palestine, and actually hearkens back to the 1880s and 1890s when Jews were discriminated against in the Ottoman empire.  We're always focusing on who wants to boycott Israel.  That means soda stream.  Don't buy something, don't go somewhere.  That's the B.  The D is the divestment.  Pull your portfolio out of Israel, sell your bonds.  We're really not looking at the most important part:  the S.  There's no B and there's no D without the S.  Unless there are active groups effectively initiating efforts to sanction Israel for war, for war crimes, for violating international law, for acting like thugs, nobody will get involved in boycotting or divesting from Israel.  They don't divest from Israel because Israel didn't cook a hot meal or some lieutenant didn't wear a green tie when it should have been a blue tie.  They do it because they portray Israel as a bunch of thuggish Nazis who are constantly conducting themselves as international war criminals. 

And who is enabling a lot of that?  You are through your taxpayer money.  And this goes to NGOs and non-profit groups such as the New Israel Fund.  That's our people financing groups like Adalah, B'Tselem and others who spend day and night while you're here, when you're upstairs trying to get some rest and say I had a tough day of meetings, they're up at night typing memos, sending indictment requests to the International Criminal Court.  So just remember:  when people say we're not supporting the boycott we're only supporting the sanctions, they are supporting the boycott.  And of course I've got much more to say about that because I can usually spend about an hour on that and I only have another minute more.

So ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to end my remarks by saying this:  What is the greatest threat to the Jews and Israel today? Who said Iran?  You.  Who else has another idea?  What's the greatest threat?  Liberal Jews.  Okay that's Iran, liberal Jews.  Anyone else have an idea?  Yes.

Next Speaker: The International Criminal Court.

Edwin Black: The International Criminal Court.  Ask that question so I can explain that to you.

Next Speaker: De-legitimization.

Edwin Black: De-legitimization.  Closer.

Next Speaker: UN?

Edwin Black: UN, for sure.  Now – and ask that question.  The greatest threat to the Jews is false history.  The greatest threat to the Jews is an imaginary narrative that's along the lines that the Jews poisoned the wells, which they did not; they threw the Black Sox game, which they did not, and in 1919 that they owned all the militaries and the media establishment, which they obviously don't, and the whole idea that there was no second temple, that Israel was created by the Balfour declaration – totally false – and that Israel is occupying land as a foreign military.  And I love it!  And I do campuses hundreds of times a year, hundreds of times.  Somebody says to me it's occupied land.  I say what's the name of the land they occupied, and nobody knows the answer to that – because it's false.  It's all false.  And by setting forth this falsity, by omitting the fact that 850,000 Jews from Arab countries were summarily thrown out of Arab nations and sent penniless and stateless into Israel creating approximately half the demographic base, by falsely claiming that Israel was created by the Holocaust, by falsely claiming that the Palestinians, the Arabs – they didn't even call themselves Palestinians until the 1960s – that the Arabs were not in league with the Nazis – false.  Everything false. 

And so when somebody here said we need to turn to the campuses, that is our No. 1 mission.  And this is what I do, and I speak to our own groups as well to arm them with the truth.  And we're losing.  We are losing.  There are more people with less saykhel being manipulated by more well-financed operations than you can possibly imagine.  While all the people here are interactive with boards that are fighting each other and trying to find out the right message, they got one message.  And the one message is that Israel, that the Jews are now getting to a place that Chaim Weizmann described in 1938 where the world will be divided into places where Jews cannot be and cannot go.  That minute is coming soon, very soon, and many in our community need to wake up – because if they don't drink the coffee and wake up someone will wake them up with a scalding pot.  Thank you.

And now I'm going to take questions about anything – except Obama.  Who has a question?  Anybody here have a question?

Next Speaker: You were going to talk about the UN with someone over there.

Edwin Black: Who brought up the UN?

Next Speaker: The Criminal Court, International Criminal Court.

Edwin Black: Which do you want first, the UN or the International Criminal Court?

Next Speaker: Both of them.

Edwin Black: International Criminal Court?

Next Speaker: Please.

Edwin Black: All right.  So do we know anything about the International Criminal Court? When it came into being? The International Criminal Court came into being in the 21st century with the Rome statute and it's only binding upon nations who have accepted it and ratified it.  The U.S. is not one of them.  England is not one of them.  France is not one of them.  Egypt is not one of them.  Israel is not one of them.  And therefore they're not bound or recognized by the International Criminal Court.  You can easily go downstairs to the local court here and try to serve a paper on a guy in Seattle.  No jurisdiction.  Specifically, so what did they do?  They rigged it.  They rigged it.  They allowed the Palestinians to retroactively (sometimes called ex post facto) apply for membership on the theory that they already have observer membership in the UN.  It's not a member of the UN.  It was enabled, and thus far they've had only a couple cases mainly involving Africa.  The African nations are signatories.  Israel is not.  There are many loopholes, and it's set up to be political.  It's a political court.  Let me explain what that means.

That means (excluding Hillary Clinton) that if you're guilty of a transgression whether you're a Democrat, a Republican, a rich man or a poor boy you're going to be indicted and prosecuted.  Now I understand our justice system is very imperfect.  But the International Criminal Court specifically says if it's useful for political purposes, especially between the parties, to put this whole thing off for 2 years then we'll put it off for 2 years.  Can you imagine?  A person committing a murder and then being told, "Well, oh, we're going to think about whether you can come to a civil arrangement with the family of the people that you killed."

Now the other thing that's important to understand is that you constantly see references by the Palestinians to "grave" problems – G-R-A-V-E.  This is a grave problem.  All of a sudden something's "grave."  It's not serious.  It's not horrendous.  It's not barbaric.  It's "grave."  Now why is it "grave"?  Because the ICC is specifically set up to not cover ordinary errors of war, misconduct in war, or war transgressions, which are already being investigated by the local authority as aberrations, which is something that Israel is very good about.  They only will investigate "grave" offenses.  Serious ones, like what ISIS is doing, and what was done in Rwanda.  So all of a sudden a Palestinian charges an Israeli outpost, tries to stab the guy, gets shot and they say it's a "grave" killing of a lightly armed person.  Remember this:  In the course of all that we're looking at in terms of the problems that you see, three steps:  (1) caused a problem -- agitators against Israel caused the problem; (2) suffered the consequences (3) beg for help.  This is similar to the classic definition of rachmones.  Who knows the classic definition of rachmones?  You kill your parents and you beg for mercy from the court on the grounds that you're an orphan.  So after stabbing the hell out of everybody, including 70-year-old women, the objection is that they're shooting us and they're dropping knives on the ground and taking pictures pretending that we stabbed them.  And who's helping in this?  MSNBC, BBC, New York Times, Jewish media, left-wing Jewish media, middle-wing Jewish media.  All kinds of Jewish media with headlines saying, "Four Palestinians Shot at Checkpoint."  Doesn't say was shot while charging with a Messer, with a knife. 

So what we have here on international law and on the ICC – and we're in Charleston, so I can say this correctly – we have Jim Crow internationalized against Israel.  We have a system of laws that are applied and standards applied against Israel that are not applied against anyone else, including the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.  Remember:  They're the only ones who can indict, and they'll never self-indict, so if the United States goes into Afghanistan and bombs a hospital it's a booboo, it's a GPS problem, it's this, it's that.  If Israel does that the whole world is aflame.  That's on the ICC.  Who else has a question?  Yes.

Next Speaker: I read that the British government told some of the Israeli generals not to come to England because they could get arrested.

Edwin Black: The question is did Great Britain recently tell Israeli generals they couldn't – they might be arrested on the basis of universal jurisdiction?  Well, this has been the case for a long time.  There have been international agreements to give Israel and its officials exemption.  But they're not exempt from civil suits and Ehud Barak was recently served with a civil suit and in fact Tony Blair was having a dinner in one of his favorite spots when a protester came up to him and said, "I'm placing you under citizen's arrest."  So it can happen.  That's what did occur.  But look at the other side, look at the fact that Mahmoud Abbas and the PA are engaged in terrorism.  Look at the fact that all these people who are stabbing will soon go on a government salary under the law of the prisoner and start getting monthly payments, which are being paid for by you, and by you, and by me to the tune of 18 percent of the PA budget.  I just testified about that in London, at the House of Commons, and I've done that in five different parliaments, and so it's a double standard.  It's a triple standard.  And we are aware of it.  And it's becoming harder and harder to fight.

Next Speaker: Why?

Edwin Black: Why is it becoming harder and harder to fight?  Because history is being distorted, the facts are being distorted, our own people are doing the distortion, the professors in the campuses are teaching this distortion.  And remember:  Of all the genocides that I have studied -- and I've studied a few, more than I wish to ever talk about -- they've always started on the campus.  Whether it's Adolf Hitler or whether it's Rwanda or the mass murder of 1.4 Armenians.  Here's a question.  At least I'm getting my workouts.  What's your name?

Next Speaker: Judy.

Edwin Black: What's your question?

Next Speaker: Question is you told us of the problems which we kind of knew about.  What is the solution?

Edwin Black: Uh-oh.  Oh the solution.  Well, I did hear some very intelligent things this morning.  I heard one very intelligent thing, surprising out of nowhere, I think it was Pat Caddell, but I'm not sure.  But somebody stood up, he was seated right in front of me, and he said we will stop any federal funding to colleges and universities who did not allow freedom of speech or who engage in hate speech or will tolerate it.  What do you think just happened in Illinois?  Department of Education said if you don't let the transgender kid go into the girls' room then you're losing all your federal funds.  They know how to do that.  They know how to do that good.  So what is the solution?  The solution is do not fund, do not allow 501(c)(3)s to engage in legislative activity as the New Israel Fund does in Israel where they are considered to be the largest lobby group in the Knesset.  Do not allow 501(c)(3)s to destabilize a military of an ally as all the military men told me that the New Israel Fund is engaged in.  They of course would deny that, but that is part of the S of sanction.  And do not allow a 501(c)(3)s to get money if they're engaged in boycott.  Right off the bat you're going to eliminate a big chunk of the BDS because the BDS – everybody says to me who's funding the BDS?  Who's funding the BDS?  If you think that there's a guy somewhere in a basement in Dearborn, Michigan writing checks out that's not how it is.  The student groups are going to the university, they get college funding as a student group and they use taxpayer money.  Remember:  Every $100.00 that goes to a 501(c)(3) you pay $40.00.  You pay $40.00.  You didn't give the money to CARE, but somebody else gave $100.00, so now you got to cough up $40.00.  So the university is the main platform.  Return our country to some form of sense.  Understand that our own publications in the Jewish media, who should be hitting them out of the park for us first, when they come a-calling for their donations just say, "How are you covering that?"

Look, I'm syndicated.  One of my articles can hit 30 papers.  I interview Abe Foxman for his last exit interview, it's going to go in 30 papers.  If I'm going to talk about boycott New Israel Fund, stuff outside the narrative, I know exactly which one is going to run it and which ones are not going to run it.  Use your donational dollars with the same savvy that you use your investment dollars, because when you give money to a 501(c)(3) you're giving money for a purpose.  Do you know that purpose?  And is that purpose in line with what you want?  All right?  Whoever asked that, you asked that question.  All right.  Oh, you asked that question.  What's the solution?  Is that a partial solution?

By the way, when we're done with this some of my books, just a very few, are out there.  You can buy them.  I'll autograph them.  And remember:  If you buy them Amazon will not get the money, my publisher will not get the money, I will not get the money. It's just going to be the organization because they're donated.  What's your question?

Next Speaker: So I want to take what you started on a step farther because NIF is also getting money from UJA Federations and what I'm finding to be a huge issue in the Jewish community is the organized Jewish community, including the Conference of Presidents and JCRC, have this open tent policy, now including our Hillels, now are sort of open tent where they're inviting J Street speakers in.  You're seeing not SJP but pretty far left bad individuals speaking at Hillels.  I was on a panel to fight BDS that was organized by the Conference of Presidents that --

Edwin Black: Where was that?

Next Speaker: It was in New York City. There were about 80 people representing various organizations and this was to fight BDS and a woman from Americans for Peace Now took the microphone and said, "Oh I don't support boycotts of products coming out of Israel, but I do support boycotts of products coming out of the West Bank."  And I raised my hand and I said, "What are we all doing here taking time out of our day if we're allowing boycotters into an anti-BDS meeting?"  And I was just told we're not going to get into politics, this is not what we do.  I could go on but --

Edwin Black: All right, so what's the question?

Next Speaker: What do we do about the organized Jewish community?

Edwin Black: The organized Jewish community – it's a problem.  The woman is with Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, and they do very effective work. First of all, you mentioned the Conference of Presidents.  The Conference of Presidents doesn't really have any real power.  It is a compendium of 54, perhaps 55, Jewish organizations, including Americans for Peace Now, including the Anti-Defamation League, including some organizations that don't exist, like the American Jewish Congress. And J Street did not get in.  It was a huge battle.  I was the only one who had access to vote results.  So it's not them, but they have to, by nature of their constituency, which includes Americans for Peace Now, have access to the microphone.

But let me take the broader question.  I can tell you as one who has studied history that the German Jews did not want/care about Israel.  They did not want Israel.  They said we're never going to Israel.  We'd rather be persecuted here in Germany with our beautiful Turkish carpets – until of course they were the victims of extermination policies.  The Iraqi Jews, they had lived in Iraq for 2,700 years.  I wrote a book about it called The Farhud.  A thousand years before Muhammad. They were absolutely against Zionism.  Now what was the idea with Zionism?  Look here: the Balfour declaration.  Everybody was afraid because they understood the concept of Jewish expulsion; that if they said there's a Jewish homeland that the Jews in London and Berlin and New York would be expelled to Israel.  So the Balfour declaration and four other declarations that most people don't know about that accompanied it, the Balfour declaration said nothing shall be done to prejudice the rights of Jews in other countries and of course nothing shall be done to prejudice the rights of non-Jewish communities in Palestine.  So Jews have always been afraid of Israel and they haven't understood what Israel means. 

How far back does this go?  How far back does this division in the Jews go?  It goes right to Mount Sinai.  It goes right to the golden calf.  It's at the very beginning.  And this type of doubt, this type of fear, this type of centuries-old training of the Jews to question, of the Jews to argue, argue with themselves over and over again for scholarly purposes, has led to a destructive, a self-destructive impulse.  So when you say what can we do about it, I'll tell you who I blame:  the parents who forgot to tell their kids we're Jews of the prior generation who have now grown up to see the problem that we have now.  It's those parents.  So the main thing that you'd have to do is make sure that the next generation – if there can be a next generation – in the struggle to make sure there's a next generation has an understanding of their history, of the facts and of the future.  How much more time I got? Katie's got a question?  Who else has got a question?  This guy's got a question?  Anyone else? All right.  Hi Katie, what's up?

Next Speaker: So you're talking about future generations and Israel essentially. So how – in America now both with non-Jew millennial and with Jewish millennial there seems to be a huge disconnect between support for Israel in Israel and support for Israel in the United States. How do you plan to turn the tide with the younger generations, who aren't as sympathetic to Israel as previous generations?  It was a major problem.

Edwin Black: The question from this person was how do we turn the tide now that there is such an enormous divide, especially among the younger generation?  And that is why I said we're losing.  I'm talking to you, and you're talking to me, and Mike Finch is up there talking to everybody, and the fact of the matter is we are losing the battle because of false history, false facts, a negligent media, and we are fighting against the fables.  We are fighting against the fables.  All I can say is as long as I have the strength within me I'm going to continue.  I think you are going to continue.  I think that the others who do the talking, who shout from the rooftops the truth are going to continue.  And if we have a little help like some wise laws, if we stop kicking ourselves with certain tax-deductible donations, if we start apportioning our federal budgets a little more intelligently, then we have a small chance, a small chance of saving what is to be saved.  But you're now getting into this place where Jews cannot be in France and they cannot go to Israel.  So that's the Weizmann predicament.  And all I'm doing up here is I'm telling everybody wake up real fast and learn.  I don't have time to tell you what I've written in my many books or what I'm going to run in my next – I'll just tell you this one thing:  they say that there's supposed to be two states for two solutions, two states for two peoples.  That's not the case.  The Jews were supposed to have Jewish Palestine as a national home.  That included Jordan.  The non-Jewish community was supposed to have civil rights.  Can anyone write the word "civil rights" down?  They were supposed to have civil rights.  The Arabs were supposed to get their own state.  And what state was that supposed to be?  Syria.  Arab National State.  The president of Syria was supposed to be Faisal, son of Hussein, promised by the British.  I was in the archives.  I saw a document that said, well, we promised it twice.  They didn't have the right to promise Syria.  They didn't have the right to promise Palestine.  So because the French blocked Syria, the Arabs in Syria, Churchill took off 80 percent of Jewish Palestine, invented Jordan, the Jews are left with 19 percent and he gave Faisal a consolation prize. He said you're now the king of Iraq and your brother's the king of Transjordan.  Just understanding the history, the sequence, it's a losing battle – but I'm fighting it.  I'll take the last question from up here.  Come on out here. I can't walk that far.  What's your name?

Next Speaker: Bill.

Edwin Black: What's your question?

Next Speaker: Okay.  I was wondering, I've heard – now you're talking about the history, but I think there's misconceptions about present day Israel.  Many people, I mean, don't believe that Israel, that Arabs are allowed to vote in Israel.  Many Americans, they just –

Edwin Black: Is that your question?

Next Speaker: Well, that and does the Palestinian TV still advocate terrorism and on their TV shows?

Edwin Black: Some of the misconceptions:  Arabs are not allowed to vote in Israel.  Is there anyone in this room who thinks he's right, that's one of the things that they say?  Is there anyone who doesn't know that the three Arab parties have now in the Knesset unified and are the third largest power block in the Knesset?  So that's a lie.  The type of lie – and what do they rely upon?  They rely upon your ignorance, your lack of knowledge.  You can't exactly have me in your back pocket going everywhere to correct the falsehoods.  Well you could, but you couldn't afford it.  So the point of the matter is, Arabs can vote.  Remember 20 percent of Israel, they're Arabs, Israeli Arabs. Ground Zero for coexistence. The hotel industry, the transportation industry, the health industry, the telecom industry.  They're there.  They're in peaceful co-existence.  What was your other, the other half of that?

Next Speaker: Well I just wondered – the Palestinian television.

Edwin Black: Palestinian media?  That's it.  Palestinian media.  Whatever reluctance the American media was going to have, whatever reluctance Al J was going to have here, there's no reluctance there.  They run the media.  It's more than Palestinian TV. It's Palestinian Facebook, it's Palestinian Twitter, it's Palestinian radio, and every day, day after day, they claim falsely that Israel is occupying all of Palestine.  Palestine – I don't have the time to get into it now – Palestine was always intended to be a Jewish sovereign state.  It's a former Turkish colony.  It was taken away from them.  They said we don't want it.  All the other colonies were too.  And that is the lie and of the many lies that they tell, and they encourage people.  They say, "Oh, the streets were smelling sweetly because of the blood of the martyrs."  They lionize this stuff.  So the point is while we're being delicate they're being straight and they're doing what the mufti did.  In Arabic they're saying, "Kill the Jews, kill the Jews, kill the Jews."  Then they come over to Geneva and New York and say, "We want peace."  They don't want peace. They want pieces.  Thank you!