Bernie Sanders Goes Nazi Chic with Shepard Fairey

A "democratic socialist" takes a page from the "national socialist" playbook.

Some decades ago a wise man said, "The fascists of tomorrow will be called anti-fascists." It seems that tomorrow is already here and we may as well say, "The fascists of today call themselves anti-fascists."

Enter Shepard Fairey, the favorite visual agitator and propagandist of the American Left. We don't think he considers himself a fascist at all. It's just that when he tries to think of the coolest possible visual for a socialist candidate like Bernie Sanders, he comes up with a design that not only screams "national socialism" due to its style and execution, but directly imitates the elements and composition of Nazi paraphernalia.

In a fit of tin-ear enthusiasm, he posts it on his site: SHOUTOUT FROM BERNIE!

The official Bernie Sanders campaign was only happy to run with it, selling T-shirts with Fairey's design for $30 a piece. Black shirts, white shirts - but no brown shirts, sorry. - See more HERE.