Finding Home

A new book of poetry brings back the scenic sights, the palpable atmosphere, and the nostalgic delights of our beloved country’s yesteryear.

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Reprinted from Le Bon Travel & Culture.

The world is changing so fast—and not for the better.  The idea of America, its values and traditions are under attack every day from those who have no understanding of the nation’s story, its exceptional role in the history man, and its life-affirming glory.

For those who have watched as the land they love is being destroyed from within, and for those who are too young to recall America’s everyday exceptionalism—Michael Finch’s delectable book of profound poetry, Finding Home, will bring back the scenic sights, the palpable atmosphere, and the nostalgic delights of our beloved country’s yesteryear.

Michael Finch is the president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center in Los Angeles, and as such he fights every day to preserve America’s liberty, its religious freedom, and its unique culture.  Finding Home is Finch’s heartfelt work in which he gives voice to his and our desire to recapture the simple but profound joy of another time.  In his book we find an engaging poetry collection that recalls lost love, the delight of an open country road, the beauty of the prairie and fields of corn, and the grand landscape of the author’s Midwestern heritage.

In his introduction, Finch pens: “I have spent my life, searching, searching for America, for what we have lost. In these poems, I try to paint a picture, capture a memory, and convey that in verse.”

​Furthermore, in a statement that is particularly incisive, Finch writes:” If as a people, and a nation, we can return to something lost, recovering something from our culture that has been torn, then it can only happen through art.”

Indeed, Finch grasps the importance of art in the battle to preserve America.  Art, whether in fiction, in drama, in film, in painting, and in music conveys the force of philosophy. Those who control the field of artistic communication have had such a powerful impact on the spread of bad ideas that they have brought our country to the edge of a political and cultural abyss. The antidote for change requires that new patriots not relinquish the field of art to America’s enemies. Finch’s poetry is an important step in that right direction.

Here are some poignant excerpts from Finding Home:

“My Wisconsin”

Gentle glacier-cut valley, bluffs in beauty;
Below, the earth sleeps ahead of
Spring’s coming thaw and planters’ seed.
High upon the wide sky, the geese come home, home again.
Sweet Wisconsin rolling through my mind’s content-
Small burgs nested still offered a home to this
Weary, rootless traveler in search of my past and of an
America gone.

Norman Rockwell "Outward Bound"

“Come with Me”

Come with me where the rocks fall to the sea.
Come with me to the land of the nor’easter and forests forever,
Leaves in their glittering golds and radiant reds
Fall gently to rest, piled high, then sailing with the winds.
Fresh fallen snow glistening white, so bright,
A fire burning strong, hearty, welcoming you home,
Come with me to the land’s end, looking out at sea.
Come with me and rest your fears, take hold of your heart
To a time and place we’ve forgotten from so long ago,
But where dreams are made and love shall be reborn.

“American Roadside”

Easy the peace that drops and slips, slow and sure.
Loose and fall-down deep the rich soil,
Run fast the long road into the endless forever.
I longed for the open road to nowhere,
Anywhere, wherever it led—take me there.
An open two-lane road into the never-ending horizon;
Deep the delved earth runs around.

​“Cry My America"

I drove by my own hometown,
Sitting by the river, a casino lit bright,
Hiding the ghettos, sign of urban blight.
Where has old Peoria gone?
I drove by Pomona way,
Saw the town slowly die.
Pray, sweet America, for us all--
We only caught a glimpse, now you’re gone.
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