Exclusive Clip: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

An in-depth look at Hillary Clinton's radical mentor, Saul Alinsky.

Arcadia Films has recently released a new documentary exploring the life of radical community organizer -- and Hillary Clinton mentor -- Saul Alinsky. The film is called "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" and was directed by father-and-son team Richard and Stephen Payne, makers of the award-winning television series, "Saints Alive!"

During the depression, Alinsky began his alliance with far-left groups within the Democratic Party and this evolved into a strong respect and admiration for Communists. Even though he never joined their party, the Marxist beliefs of the Communists influenced Alinsky and his rhetoric. In the following dramatization, we hear Alinsky explain in his own words how, in the 1930s, the hard work and sacrifice of the Communists led to his admiration of them and a belief in their platform. 

Watch the clip below: