Hostility on Campus

A heads-up to parents of college-bound kids.

I hear that there is a new book that just hit the  presses: No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education into Hateful Indoctrination, by Scott Greer, a young white man himself who graduated from college only about five years ago.  I plan on reading his work soon.

That being said, that there is a campaign of sorts on far too many college campuses against whites, males, and, especially, white men, as Greer says, is practically self-evident to anyone who has paid attention to academia for any length of time.  Parents, particularly the parents of whites and white males, should pay especially close attention to this tragic phenomenon. 

Due to space constraints, I implore parents with college-bound children to mull over the following two examples—illustrations, mind you, that it took me all but a minute to find. They are indeed, unfortunately, representative of the contemporary academic scene.

 (1)At elite Brown University we find “Brown Survivors Speak” (BSS), a student organization that ostensibly exists for the sake of providing support to female students who are rape victims.  Yet the group’s standard operating procedure has been to “out” and “shame” those who have been accused of rape.  It encourages women who allege to have been raped to write the names of their attackers in the Women’s restroom stalls in Brown’s library. 

BSS also publishes the name of the accused in a Google form that it posts on its Facebook page. 

Recently, the group was forced to reconsider its methods as it conceded that it “outed,” not a rapist, but an innocent person.  Moreover, others, purporting to be innocent, complained that they never even knew that their names had been included on BSS’s list of aggressors.  One student whose name wound up on the list was incredulous when this was revealed to him. He complained that it marked students with a “moral stain” that, he feared, would remain with them even after charges had been found to be “unsubstantiated.”

Defacing school property and branding potentially innocent people as rapists—this is what is permitted to transpire at one of the most elite academic institutions in the country.

(2) Matters are at least as troublesome at small private colleges too.  Take St. Olaf College, a Lutheran institution in rural Minnesota. 

This past weekend, a young black female student claims to have found a typed-written note that someone had left for her on the windshield of her car.  It reads: “I am so glad that you are leaving soon.  One less n****r to deal with.  You have spoken up too much.  You will change nothing.  Shut up or I will shut you up.”  The young woman posted a picture of the note on social media and, consequently, aggrieved students (apparently, not all of whom were black) took over campus.

The College Fix interviewed Katherine Hinderaker, of the College Republicans at St. Olaf.  “The students have taken over the campus like a coup,” she remarked.  Among the buildings that the mob surrounded is the school cafeteria.  Hinderaker continued, explaining that when her friend tried sneaking into the dining area from the rear, the hostiles ran and blocked the entrance. 

One student, she heard, was assaulted.

Describing what she took to be the mentality of the mob, Hinderaker stated: “The idea is, ‘we feel uncomfortable every day so we are going to make you feel uncomfortable.”

Hinderaker left campus on Saturday night so that she could bring food and fluids back to those students who routinely rely upon the school cafeteria—the cafeteria that their peers prevented them from using as they railed against “institutional racism.”

The mob stormed the library as well.   A female student employee was reportedly pushed when she refused to yield to its demand that she turn over an intercom mic.  The mobsters—“the demonstrators”—forced not just the mic from her.  When she tried to call campus security, they tore the phone out of the wall.

The disruptors set up signs in the commons area that they occupied.  The signs read: “I’m sick of white tears” and “F**k your white complacency.”

One anonymous student informed The College Fix: “The campus admins are allowing the commons area to become a bulletin board of complaints against white people.  No action has been taken to remove the signs, and no students dare to touch them since there are newly-installed cameras everywhere.”

Faculty cancelled their classes this past Monday so that students who originally wanted to boycott the school and hold it accountable for the “institutionalized racism that is embedded within the structures of the campus” could do so. The students drew up an “extensive” list of demands, as the aggrieved themselves describe it.       

An administrator, an assistant to “the president for institutional diversity,” made a statement.  The college, he said, cancelled all classes on Monday (May 1) “so that we may have time for faculty, students, and staff to continue the discussions about racism and diversity on our campus.”

Neither this administrator nor the head honcho, President David Anderson, uttered a word of criticism of the thuggery in which minority students had engaged. Instead, Anderson condemned the note that the black female student claimed had been left for her as “a despicable and cowardly act” that “violates all of our values as a college and a community.”

The mob, however, was not impressed by his obsequiousness.  A video is available that features students treating him with all of the courtesy that college leftists can be expected to reserve for conservative speakers.  Even as Anderson was busy assuring them that the school is deploying all of its available resources to determine the identity of those responsible for the note, the student agitators were just as busy interrupting and yelling at him.

And, to repeat, no official at St. Olaf condemned, much less punished, the coercive and intimidating tactics of the “protesters.”  No one condemned, much less punished, the racial animus that they overtly expressed toward their white peers.

Parents and, when appropriate, taxpayers, must unequivocally condemn and punish administrators who continue to allow faculty and student activists to promote racial and other bigotries within the college communities over which they preside.