Hillarysplaining “The Matter”

“Scandalous” documentary series revives former First Lady’s scandals and coverups.

​Fox News has been running a series of one-hour documentaries on Bill and Hillary Clinton titled “Scandalous,” but not limited to Bill Clinton’s sexual romps with Monica Lewinsky or his abuse of Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick and other women. That ties in with the “Me Too” movement, but the documentaries also prove informative about Hillary Clinton, still making excuses for her 2016 loss to Donald Trump. 

As the series shows, Bill Clinton touted his candidacy as a two-for-one deal and gave Hillary a policy portfolio in health care. And like her husband, Hillary Clinton carried considerable baggage. 

In Arkansas she had been a partner in the Rose Law firm, which represented Madison Guaranty, a corruption-riddled savings and loan whose failure cost taxpayers more than $60 million. Hillary claimed her role with Madison in 1985 and 1986 had been minimal but could not locate her billing records. They surfaced in early 1996, days after the statute of limitations expired for civil lawsuits against those fraudulently advising corrupt savings associations. Clinton aide Carolyn Huber, a former office manager for the Rose Law Firm, found the records in the White House. As the 115 pages confirmed, Hillary Clinton’s role had been anything but minimal. 

Hillary Clinton became the first First Lady to testify before a grand jury, and “Scandalous” shows her all decked out in pink for the performance. “I, like everyone else, would like to know the answers about how those documents showed up after all these years,” Hillary told reporters. If they had been found years earlier, the First Lady said, it would have brought “this matter” to a conclusion, but it was hardly her only case of missing materials

According to the Clintons, deputy White House counsel Vincent Foster left no indication why he committed suicide on July 20, 1993. Some three years later, Foster’s note of despair about life in Washington miraculously turned up. In similar style, two years after the firing of White House travel office staffers, a memo confirmed that First Lady had played a major role in the dismissals.

Hillary Clinton became the first First Lady to gain election to the U.S. Senate and the first to become Secretary of State. After the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, investigators sought documents from the State Department, which failed to deliver. Hillary had stashed the records on her private, home-brew server, doubtless the repository for material about the Clinton Foundation, correspondence with factotum Sidney Blumenthal, and a lot more.  

Hillary Clinton believed it was her turn to be President of the United States and she geared up for 2016 by rigging the Democratic primaries, taking over the DNC, and destroying more than 30,000 emails investigators wanted to see. Some of those contained classified material, which raised issues of criminal conduct but before the FBI even interviewed Clinton, Peter Strzok transformed “gross negligence” into “extremely careless.” 

In July 2016, FBI boss James Comey, a longtime ally of the Clintons, proclaimed that no reasonable prosecutor would recommend charges. Former Attorney Loretta Lynch, who met with Bill Clinton in the famous tarmac hookup, told Comey not to call the probe an investigation and instead “just call it a matter.” When asked why he didn’t push back, Comey said, “This isn’t a hill worth dying on, and so I just said, ‘Okay.’ The press is going to completely ignore it – and that's what happened.”

The Whitewater investigation likewise involved criminal issues but in her 1996 “Pretty in Pink” show, Hillary downgraded them to a “matter.” Her many performances as a skilled prevaricator led William Safire to call her a “congenital liar,” but the practice doubtless stems from her affection for leftist guru Saul Alinksy, who also taught progressives to demonize their political opponents. The “Scandalous” series shows how Hillary the alleged feminist attacked those women who accused her husband of sexual abuse and even rape. 

Hillary Clinton, darling of the Deep State, shows great skill at hiding or destroying documents and evading any legal responsibility. As with the “matter” of the private server and destroyed emails, the press goes along and does not push back. From the outset, establishment media coverage of Hillary Clinton has been a form of analingus. 

On the other hand, in the digital age the truth has a way of emerging, like the Strzok-Page texts that reference the secret society, the insurance policy, and POTUS 44’s need “to know everything” the FBI was doing.  Hillary’s 30,000 missing emails surely don’t have an existential problem. After all, the NSA strip-mines data and the FBI and DOJ spy on political candidates.  

The President of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, could order the intelligence community to retrieve those emails, by any means necessary, and let the public read them. That would explain “what happened” better than Hillary’s book and settle “the matter” once and for all.