The Three News Mediums the Left Hates

And guess what those three mediums have in common?

There are three mediums for news and information that the Modern Liberal hates – HATES!!!  Modern liberals hate these three mediums so much that for all their vaunted adoration of the First Amendment, they’d happily shut them down and shut them up, using government regulation when possible to prevent them from ever again being heard.  These mediums are, of course, Fox News, conservative talk radio and the Internet’s blogesphere.

What do these three things have in common? Well, for one thing, of course, they tend to be right-of center (at least in comparison to all of the other news outlets and mediums out there.)  For another thing, they are all relatively new.  Fox News is only 12 years old.  This means that, for someone who just turned fifty (take me for example), that person was almost into their fifth decade on the earth before there was a single source of television news that the leftists of today could object to.  If you wish to choose the syndication of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show as the start – just the start – of the conservative talk radio phenomenon, then someone my age was finished with high school and college, well into their family and career before there was a single voice in radio or television that today’s leftists could object to. And since Al Gore didn’t invent the internet until the mid-1990s (and it would be another decade before the blogesphere would evolve), until someone my age was almost into their fourth decade on earth, was there a single source of news or information that today’s leftist could find objectionable.

These three mediums have something else in common: each of them (and only they) are forums for debate and discussion.  Leftistss can only succeed when they dictate “the truth” with their statements unquestioned and unchallenged.  The Leftistl does well, for example, on the twenty-three minute nightly news on the broadcast channels because some superior being – some fabulously pretty boy or girl – lectures his or her viewers uninterrupted.  When the leftists attempt to take these very same claims to the hour-long debate and discussion programs on cable news, despite a decade-long head start and being in more homes than Fox News, very few people still watch CNN with Fox drawing more viewers than the three leftist cable news channels combined.

Similarly, leftists do just fine in the print media where “the truth” comes down from on high.  The New York Times says it and, well, quite literally, “it is written.”  Obviously it’s impossible for debate and discussion to challenge the print media’s claims. What are people supposed to do, go to every home where The New York Times is delivered and point out the lies, spin and fabrications?  But take these same claims to talk radio, where the host states his case and then spends the rest of the hour being challenged by callers and in-studio guests and, in short time, Air America is a thing of the past while more people than ever are turning to conservative radio talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Dennis Prager and Larry Elder.

And then there’s the Internet, the single most democratic (lower case “d”) medium of all, where debate is rigorous and constant.  No surprise, then, that it, too, is in the sights of the Democrats (upper case “D”).  Leftists know that the freer the speech the more obviously their folly.

Modern Liberalism is so deeply flawed that it is impossible to defend. Leftist “persuasion” exists of shouting down the other, calling them names, smearing opponents and outlawing alternative voices.  Leftists can only win when everyone else has been shut up and shut down.  Conservatives love when Letists are heard so long as we have our say.  The culture war is winnable, we just need to keep on talking.