Black Lives Matter Led to 5,000 More Murders

Black Lives Matter.

Two quotes from a New York Times story on the FBI crime report.

There is no precedent for last year's increase in the murder rate. The previous largest one-year increase was 12.7 percent in 1968...

Previously, the largest one-year increase in total number of murders was 1,938 in 1990. The F.B.I. data shows almost 5,000 more murders last year than in 2019, for a total of around 21,500

A 29% increase is unprecedented. And the numbers unsurprisingly align with the spring and summer of Black Lives Matter riots. The numbers don't carry a racial breakdown, but black men tend to be shot in disproportionate numbers in black-on-black crime.

In the past I have zoomed in on the Black Lives Matter effect locally.

In 2014, 189 died. And then Baltimore came under assault from Black Lives Matter over the Freddie Case leading to riots and the Ferguson Effect crippling law enforcement efforts... An additional 131 black men died in 2015 in Baltimore. 

471 black people were murdered in Chicago this year. That’s up from 401 last year and 353 from 2014.

But 2020 was the 9/11 of BLM's attack on America. And the results appear to have been equally devastating.


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