Protecting the Enemy in Libya?


Are we now assisting the same people who killed our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?

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A Dangerous Doctrine


Why “Responsibility to Protect” is a pandora’s box.

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Hillel’s Coalition with the Enemies of Israel Becomes Increasingly Unseemly


Hate-filled vitriol — and a lack of factual arguments — continues against our “Wall of Lies.”

The US Military: The Left’s Salvation Army


Putting American troops at risk is only justified if there is absolutely no national interest.

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The Children of Sderot


. . .know the world is not listening.

Iran and the Final Grand Jihad


The mullahs believe Allah wants them to act now.

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Time to Unmask Muhammad


What was the true nature of the man whom 1.5 billion Muslims regard as an example to follow?

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Searching for the Al Aqsa Brigades in Ireland?


My contact with a known terrorist who should be behind bars.

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Hillel’s Coalition with the Enemies of Israel Becomes Increasingly Unseemly

On Monday, March 28, the Daily Pennsylvania printed our ad “Wall of Lies.” We removed the word “Palestinian” from the original “Palestinian Wall of Lies” as a concession to the reigning political orthodoxy on campus which forbids putting the words “Palestinian” or “Muslim” with the words “lies” or “terrorism” in the same factual sentence but has no problem with putting “Israel” and “Apartheid” in dyad thus spreading an actual lie about a militarily threatened democratic state. In response to our ad the sinister coalition of campus Hillels with groups that seek to destroy the Jewish state took another step forward. Below is the “response” to our ad in the Daily Pennsylvanian, followed by the letter I have submitted to the editor. This, in turn, is followed by my letter to one of the signers of the attack on our ad, a former Hillel education chairman.

Presidential Pettiness


Does taking swipes at predecessors make a foreign policy?

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