Scott Ritter, Underage Girls and Iraq — on The Glazov Gang


Andrew Klavan, Evan Sayet and Eric Allen Bell battle it out on Frontpage’s television program.

Obama: ‘Son of Islam’?


Actions speak louder than words.

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Hoping for Inequality?


Making sense of Rick Santorum’s wish for wealth disparity in America.

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Sudan’s Nuba Mountain People Starved and Bombed


Why will the Obama administration not breathe a word about the Islamist-led extermination campaign?

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Friends Seminary Plays Bait and Switch on Anti-Semitism


Prestigious school gives students a lesson in breaking promises and accepting Jew hatred.

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Qur’an Burning and Destructive Double Standards


Where is Hamid Karzai’s apology to the American people?

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Obama: Sharia Enforcer


The most remarkable aspect of the Qur’an-burning episode in Afghanistan.

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The Ghettoization of Hollywood


Why the Academy Awards were not meant for the vast majority of viewers who tuned in.

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University of New Mexico Occupiers’ War on Free Speech


How an Israel-hating mob tried to silence me.

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Empowers a Radical Muslim Fundraiser


Why is the congresswoman helping to raise money for a group that wishes to destroy America?

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