Sacha Baron Cohen and the Oscars


The reason the film industry is losing the American public.

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Returning to Terror


Big Media and Democrats suppress disturbing truths about detainees released from Guantanamo.

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Andrew Klavan, Eric Allen Bell and Evan Sayet on The Glazov Gang


Three distinguished guests discuss their journeys out of their former political faiths.

Richard Falk’s Imagination Gone Wild


Anti-Israel professor comes to Stanford to explain all that is needed for peace in the Middle East.

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Building America’s ‘Space Fence’


An overlooked problem in the earth’s orbit may have big consequences if left unchecked.

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Uganda: Muslim Converts to Christianity Under Attack


A 12% Muslim minority unleashes its jihadi hate.

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Religiously Disputing Big Government


Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, dissents from Religious Left orthodoxy.

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The Day I Stopped Loving Steve Nash and the Suns


The owner of the Phoenix Suns basketball team, Robert Sarver, came out strongly opposing AZ’s new immigration laws.

Afghanistan Burning


Friday prayers promise even more chaos and carnage.

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Israel Builds, Obama Administration Squirms


Four reasons why Judea-Samaria settlements are vital to Israel’s future.

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