Honor Killings Grow in the West: Islam’s Gruesome Gallery

When will our president, media and higher literary culture breathe one word of moral concern or indignation?

Heated Confrontation On Islam — On The Glazov Gang

The New Black Panthers’ Bounty on George Zimmerman

Shooting Death Of Unarmed Teen Trayvon Martin Sparks National Outrage

The racist hate group steps into the Trayvon Martin tragedy with calls for blood and violence.

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Obama’s Pick for World Bank Hates Capitalism


Another radical nomination by the president exposed.

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ObamaCare in Critical Condition


Why opponents of the health care bill are cautiously optimistic.

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Iran and Hamas’ Genocidal Fellow Travelers


Leftist zombies prepare to goose step in the March of Hate against the Jewish State.

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March Mob Madness


A particularly revealing month for the Left.

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Chasing the Great White Whale of American Racism


How many racist witch-hunts have to be proven false before the Left loses all credibility?

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Hilton Kramer R.I.P.


Goodbye to a valiant crusader.

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Ethnic Cleansing of Syrian Christians


Al-Qaeda-linked Islamist forces seize a golden opportunity to terrorize infidels with impunity.

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