Town Hall on Terror in Los Angeles, May 1, 2012

It’s your turn to come and be heard!

Islamic Necrophilia and Leftist Silence

May Day Mayhem on Its Way


Van Jones, MoveOn, ACORN, gear up to transform America through violent protest.

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Freedom Center Hits Back Against BDS in New York Times Ad


The Freedom Center names names in a hard-hitting ad — and David Horowitz goes toe-to-toe with two of its critics.

Did Muhammad Exist? An Inquiry Into Islam’s Obscure Origins


A Frontpage Exclusive with Robert Spencer.

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Freedom Center Islamic Apartheid Conference: Q&A


All-star panel takes questions from the audience at Temple University.

Trayvon Martin: Rodney King, Redux


The similarities are eerie. The outcome will be frightening.

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David Horowitz on ‘The World Tomorrow’ with Julian Assange

Freedom Center President battles it out with self-described communist Slavoj Zizek.

Israeli Chief of Staff Undercuts PM on Iran—Then Retracts


Muddled statements on the mullahs.

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Egypt’s Islamists to Grant ‘Sex After Death’ Right for Husbands


Another step backwards into the Islamist abyss.

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