Obama Celebrates Socialist Dolores Huerta


Influence of the Alinsky-inspired labor agitator seen throughout the administration.

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The Best Foreign Policy Saudi Money Can Buy


What makes Bahrain different than Libya or Syria?

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China’s One Child Policy: A Real War on Women


A human rights warrior discusses her fight against the policy that puts one in five females in the world in peril.

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Imbecilic Leftist Law Professor Calls Constitution ‘Imbecilic’


Progressives propose scrapping the Constitution for a system Vladimir Putin would design.

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Islamizing the Temple Mount


Denying the Jewish people their right to pray at their most holy site.

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Religious Left Laments America’s Discovery


Episcopal Church promotes “dismantling the structures and policies based on” the “ancient evil” of our foundation.

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Shillman Journalism Fellow Raymond Ibrahim Speaks at JIMENA


Freedom Center scholar discusses religious persecution in the Middle East.

Why Jeremiah Wright Matters — Still, Part II


A relationship far closer than the relationship many sons have with their fathers.

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Glenn Beck – Patrick Henry Award

Glenn Beck in Philadelphia, May 31st, 2012.

Stuffing the Ballot Box for Democrats


The Voter Participation Center seeks to register at least a million unmarried women, 18-to-29-year-olds, and “people of color” to vote in November’s elections. Traditionally, each of these demographics vote heavily Democratic.