Larry Elder Confronts Race and the Fatherhood Crisis in America


Keynote speaker at the Freedom Center’s 2013 West Coast Retreat calls out the Left’s destruction of the black community.

Obama Terrorizes Public with Illegal Alien Releases


Scandalous scare tactic over sequester backfires on the administration.

Naked Liar


The empty suit has no clothes.

Israeli Leftist Targets Holocaust Organization


Demonizing Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors.

OIC Ramps Up ‘Islamophobia’ Campaign


International Islamic blasphemy codes move one step closer to being realized.

A Lesson for the Left on ‘Needs’ and ‘Rights’


The question is not whether citizens should have something, but whether the government is entitled to ban it.

Shepherds and Sheep


Being led to the slaughter by the intellectual elite.

Emory President Ignites Furor over Slavery Reference


Where the campus witch-hunters get it wrong.

Do Anti-Immigration Republicans Get More Latino Votes Than Pro-Immigration Republicans?


Strong Republican candidates tend to perform better among Latinos. Weak ones perform badly regardless of immigration. In this, Latino votes follow those of most Americans.

Remembering Trayvon Martin’s Death One Year Later

He died for your Skittles. Taste the rainbow.

The candlelight vigils actually took place yesterday on the anniversary of the day that Trayvon Martin got shot for wearing a hoodie, carrying skittles and trying to beat a man’s head into the ground. Two out of three of these things are legal so it was clearly an unprovoked assault.