Obama Eliminates Hot Meals for Marines, Dines on Chocolate Opera Cake


Obama isn’t just cutting hot meals for Marines. He’s also firing 20,000 Marines while hiring more IRS agents to enforce ObamaCare.

Turkish Summer: Islamist Regime Brutally Cracks Down on Protesters


“This is the beginning of a summer of discontent.”

Hillary Approval Rating Plummets Over Benghazi Scandal

hillary clinton what difference does it make

While her favorability rating in February was 61 percent, a new Quinnipiac University poll out Friday had it cobbled down to 52 percent

Federal Prosecutor Warns Anti-Muslim Internet Postings are Subject to Federal Jurisdiction


Tellingly there are never any threats to prosecute Muslims for blatant incitement to violence.

Kentucky Dems to Replace Ashley Judd with Miss America Murderer

heather french henry

Suddenly Ashley Judd doesn’t look so bad.

How to Keep a Bloomberg at Bay


Other charms and unguents efficacious for deterring Bloomberg include, NRA decals, a dash of water from the Gowanus canal, a rare Madagascar blue chicken born at midnight and the United States Constitution.

Nicole Lynn Mansfield, American Woman Converts to Islam, Joins Al Qaeda, Dies in Syria


A mosque on American soil is a recruitment center for international terrorism.

Most of the Wealth Lost in Recession Still Unrecovered


“A conclusion that the financial damage of the crisis and recession largely has been repaired is not justified,” the report stated.

Obama’s Iraq Surrender


The administration squanders the hard-won victory handed down by President Bush — and sets off a Mideast meltdown.

Benghazi Terrorists: ‘Dr. Morsi Sent Us’


Why was the Egyptian president’s name mentioned by jihadists during the attack?