While the West Slept — on The Finch Gang


What will awaken free peoples from their willful blindness?

UK Arranged for London Beheader’s Release from Kenyan Prison on Terror Charges

Michael Adebolajo

This is what happens when countries tolerate Islamists and wait around until they finally go from talking to doing to doing something really bad.

McCain Knows Less About the Syrian Civil War than You Do


The Al Nusra Front had repeatedly fought alongside with and coordinated operations with the Free Syrian Army. Salem Idris, whom he just met with, is on the record as defending the Al Nusra Front.

UK Cops Explain Why they Handcuffed 85-Year-Old British Woman for Offending Muslims


“Our officers are trained to respond to any incident they are called to and regularly put themselves at risk to protect the public and keep the peace.”

Obama Loosens Iran Sanctions so Ahmadinejad Can Buy an iPhone


Obama may not care if Americans don’t have jobs but he does care if Iranians don’t have the latest iPhone.

London Beheader: “Do Not Be Scared of the Filthy Infidels (Non-Muslims). They are Pigs.”

Subject: FW: Adebolajo at Harrow protest September 11, 2009

Hear the cries of a murderer. Hear a mob chant the hateful message of Islam in unison with him.

Obama IRS Polithug: ”Promise Me You Will Never Run for Office Again, and We’ll Drop This Case.”


Lerner was, without question, politically motivated, and went so far as to make him an offer: ”Promise me you will never run for office again, and we’ll drop this case.”

Lincoln Chafee Comes Out of the Democratic Closet

Lincoln Chafee

According to a new poll from Brown University, Chafee’s approval rating is just 26 percent.

Jobless Claims Rise by 10,000 in Obama Recovery


The number of people continuing to collect jobless benefits rose by 63,000 to 2.99 million

Showdown in Syria


Al Qaeda-linked rebels salivate as world powers contemplate drastic measures.