Libyan Intelligence Connects Benghazi Attack to Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi


According to a Libyan intelligence document, the Muslim Brotherhood was involved in the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi,

1 Million Egyptians Demand Morsi Ouster, 5 Dead, Muslim Brotherhood HQ on Fire


Hundreds of people throwing petrol bombs and rocks attacked the national headquarters of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood.

Amnesty Fever in UK, Muslim MP Says It’s Only Way to Win Minority Votes

Conservative Party Conference 2012

Mr Johnson claims an amnesty would help the economy and the Treasury by allowing huge numbers of illegal immigrants to work openly and to pay tax and national insurance

Imam Caught Supporting Hamas, Claims “Hamas” Just Means “Excitement” in Arabic


Mustapha claimed the video, showing a child holding a machine gun on stage as Mustapha and others sing, “O Hamas, raise the banner of Jihad” was not an endorsement of terrorism.

Boston Marathon Bomber Had Copy of Hamas Jihadist Text


Other material that was found on Dzokhar Tsarnaev’s computer, according to the indictment, were several jihadist books, including

Gitmo Terrorists Got Fat, Got Gym Equipment, Got Equipment Replaced Because It Was Made by Non-Muslims


The Muslim librarian is “the only one that’s allowed to touch the Korans anymore, per detainee request.”

58% of Voters Support Repealing Obamacare


When everyone hates your signature legislative achievement, what is your legacy exactly?

DOMA Supreme Strikedown Could Lead to Loss of Non-Profit Status for Traditional Religions


Welcome to Progressivism, where insecurity and tyranny make an unlovely combination.

Amnesty to Suspend Immigration Enforcement for 2.5 Years


What could possibly go wrong from introducing a state of lawlessness?

Without Federal Regulation, America Could Have a $53.9 Trillion GDP


But who needs a $53.9 trillion GDP anyway when we can have free birth control and a vast bureaucracy?