Obama Frees Taliban from Gitmo, Neglects to Exchange Them for Captured US Soldier

Guantánamo Bay

The Afghan Taliban have offered to hand over a US soldier held captive since 2009 in exchange for five of their own currently incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay.

Detroit Planning to Fight Bankruptcy by Dumping City Employees into Obamacare


“That’s going to be a huge cost for the United States government, and it’s mandatory spending.”

The Case for Keeping the Muslim Brotherhood Out of Politics


“Yes, we do indeed want to break the brotherhood’s neck because that is good for Egypt, the region, and (not least) ourselves”

Global Warming Activists Arrive in Nebraska, Begin Shivering


Several Nebraska and Iowa cities set new record low temperatures Sunday morning. Lincoln temperatures fell to 47

Bob Beckel: The Worst Person in the World


Keeping the race grievance industry alive.

Brotherhood Torture Chambers (Finally) Exposed


The discrepancy between what the West reports and what actually happens in the Muslim world.

The Illusion of Peace Negotiations


What the release of 104 Palestinian terrorists won’t achieve.

‘Phony Scandals’? No, Phony Investigations


Obama is counting on the GOP to allow his scandals to fade away — and they’re not letting him down.

How Taxpayers Will Bail Out Detroit


And every other liberal financial sinkhole in the nation — through ObamaCare.

The B-Lister Israel Boycotters


Eric who?