The Final Truth of True Detective


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The Babes of True Detective

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 2.23.54 AM

Is the HBO crime series too hard on its women?

Who Is The True Detective?


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The Real Mystery of HBO’s ‘True Detective’


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The New York Times vs. David Mamet


The Times sets out to destroy one of America’s most important artists for his thought crimes.

The One-State Solution


Why not give the Middle East to the Jews?

How To Behave During an Islamic Massacre


Some tips on treating blood-crazed Islamic madmen with respect and tolerance.

Barack the Magic Suit


A fabulous story about a glorious place where whatever you think should be true is true.

Your Public Sector Union At Work


Behold! A ravening beast with a single red eye and fangs dripping the blood of devoured state budgets.

Multiculturalism Explained


Why the Left expects us to tolerate intolerant cultures like Iran’s.