‘Phony Scandals’? No, Phony Investigations


Obama is counting on the GOP to allow his scandals to fade away — and they’re not letting him down.

My Name is Bosch and I’m a Recovered Muslim


With the latest Jihad attack in London, we all need to remind ourselves what we are dealing with in Islam.

Patton on Islam


If men like Patton ran today’s war, the war would have been won years ago.

Islam Got Your Tongue?


From political correctness to Islamic correctness.

The Muslim World is a World Where The Bad Guy Won


Muslims need to understand that their own religion is at war with them.

Drowning Out All Things Benghazi


Obama’s trying to drown out the Benghazi Whistleblowers the way he drowned out the cries for help from the Americans who died there.



Truth, justice, profit, & the American way.

Calling Islam “Islam”


I concede that it is an interpretation of Islam that we’re facing — Mohammad’s interpretation.

$#!+ Biden Says

$#!+ Biden Says small

Biden, the Stupidiot of the United States of America.

The Islam Bomb


The Islam Bomb is always there, waiting to be lit by a Muslim with the will to kill.