Robert Spencer Asks: Did Muhammad Exist?


A freedom fighter goes where few religious scholars dare.

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North Korea, Iran, and the Lessons of History


The wages of appeasement.

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Class Warfare the Last Refuge of a Failed Presidency


Battle lines are being drawn between Obama and Romney, but the commander-in-chief has a losing platform.

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John Derbyshire Learns What We Cannot Talk About


Rather than banishing the issues on race Derbyshire raised, we should bring them out into the open.

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The New York Times’ Charlie Brown


Tom Friedman’s continued delusions about a Palestinian state.

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Obama a Creature of the Corrupt University


How a world influenced by the soft bigotry of race preferences shaped the flawed character of the president.

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Hating Israel


How the Left enables Islamic Jew-killing with its promotion of hatred of the Jewish State.

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A Dangerous Verdict in New Jersey


How the conviction of Dharum Ravi of “bias intimidation” fertilizes the enforcement of Shari’a-based blasphemy laws on our soil.

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Iran Senses Western Weakness


Talking while the clock is ticking.

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The Real Point of the Left’s Uproar over Limbaugh


The politics of personal destruction.

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