Canada Takes Its Place at the Table


How Canada’s support for Israel has improved the country’s geopolitical standing.

The Truth Hurts


Time for Israel to make clear that the U.S. is on a path of self-destruction.

Sharon’s Final Road


The only path to peace.

Ariel Sharon: Larger Than Life


A titan whose career reflected the growth and development of his nation.

Israel and the Death of Pan-Arabism


A great opportunity for the Jewish State to survive and prosper.

The Long-Term Cost of Releasing Terrorists


Why would the Palestinians end their terror war when they know that intransigence works?

The New York Times Destroys Obama


An unintentional mortal blow to the Obama administration and its Middle East policy.

Empowering Palestinians Who Reject Israel’s Right to Exist


What the prisoner releases reveal about the “peace process.”

Khodorkovsky and the Freedom Agenda

Jailed Russian former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky stands in the defendants' cage before the start of a court session in Moscow

Until a people choose liberty, no one can give it to them.

Kerry’s Oh-So-’90s Security Nonsense

John Kerry

Where has the secretary of state been for the last 20 years?