The Promise Is Broken


Springsteen’s most dedicated fan gives up.

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The Signs of a Romney Victory


Obama is a one-term president. Let us count the ways.

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Running as a Moderate: A Losing Proposition for Republicans


Crystallizing the winning formula in America today.

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Braver New World


Musings and worries about history’s course.

The Hammerman Jews


What Rabbi Joshua Hammerman’s fear of Tim Tebow tells us about why so many Jews vote Democrat.

The Voting Bloc Obama Doesn’t Care About

Obama Presents Tax Relief Plan

The president’s campaign gives up trying to win over the white working class.

Go Ahead…Imagine


Let’s take John Lennon up on his offer: Let’s imagine a world with no countries, religions or a heaven or hell.

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Terrorists and Double Standards


The New York Times’ peculiar handling of Nidal Hassan and Anders Breivik.

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Being Honest about the “Partisan Divide”


The unbridgeable difference in how two sides see the world and human nature.

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Why I’m a Global Warming Skeptic


Let’s begin by following the money.

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