Rimsha Masih’s Unending Nightmare


Pakistan high court renews the witch-hunt against a mentally handicapped Christian “blasphemer.”

Saudi Arabia to Give Public Beheadings the Axe?


A swordsman scarcity rattles the Sharia prison-state.

Torching Christians in Pakistan


A Muslim mob burns down over 150 Christian homes and two churches.

The Kidnapping of Coptic Girls

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Christian women and girls continue to be abducted on a near daily basis and forced to convert to Islam.

Al Jazeera Star: Death to Apostates


While Glenn Beck’s views scared Al Gore, Sheikh al-Qaradawi’s jihadist vision rings just right.

Afghan Woman Forced to Marry Her Rapist


A day in the life of a Sharia slave.

The Selling of Syria’s Refugee Child Brides


Islam in action.

Contracted: America’s Secret Warriors


A look inside the heroic struggles of America’s contract forces.

The Taliban’s Jihad on Polio Vaccines


Why 16 health aid workers in Pakistan had to die for trying to administer the life-saving drops to children.

Savage Escalation in the War on Afghan Women


“Is there anything other than death that can help me?”