Courage and Conviction Award Winner Laura Ingraham at Restoration Weekend

Picture 27

A conservative warrior explains why she’s hopeful about the future.

Robert Spencer, Nonie Darwish, Raymond Ibrahim at University of California Irvine


A panel of scholars sheds light on “Freedom of Speech vs. Blasphemy in Islam.”

A Tale of Two Cities


Two pictures tell a troubling tale.

Newt Gingrich’s Keynote Address at Restoration Weekend

Picture 22

A political visionary discusses the path forward for conservatism.

After the Election: What Lies Ahead

Picture 18

Conservative titans at Restoration Weekend discuss the path forward after Obama’s re-election.

The Coming Sharia State of Egypt — on The Jamie Glazov Show


Theodore Shoebat sheds light on the terrifying Islamist wind blowing toward Egypt.

A Tale of Two Armies


Comparing the IDF to Hamas: Sometimes pictures say more than words.

Monica Crowley at Restoration Weekend

Picture 5

A rallying cry for happy warriors everywhere.

Pat Caddell at Restoration Weekend


Deconstructing the single-worst campaign of a challenger who had a chance to win in presidential politics.

Hamas: The Terror Elite

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The Freedom Center’s pamphlet about the Islamofascist organization is more urgent and relevant than ever.