Why Don’t Rocket Attacks Against Israel Get Headlines?


The Western media’s silence speaks volumes.

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Bulgarian Massacre: Islamists Do Better Than Nazis

Smoke is seen after a blast at Bulgaria's Burgas airport

It’s the new Europe. Who are the new Eichmanns?

No Moment of Silence for Slain Israeli Olympians


Forty years later, the Olympic games will again be stained with disgrace.

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Europe’s Israeli Boycott Obsession


Is the anti-Israel movement winning?

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Exposing the Vatican-Islam Alliance


The Church’s increasingly disturbing ties and positions.

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Islamists Have the Keys to the Arab World


Why Islamism if far more dangerous than Nazism or Communism.

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Is Israel the Last Jewish Ghetto?


The security walls that the futile hopes for peace built.

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Peace Trains’ Jews Against Israel


How leading Jewish personalities gain fame by trashing their own people.

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Black Leaders’ Vendetta Against Israel


A vicious anti-Semitism that violates the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.

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The Palestinian Khmer Rouge

Palestinians hold a sign depicting a swastika during clashes at Qalandiya checkpoint

Why the authoritarian regime in the Palestinian areas yearns to eradicate Jewish past and life everywhere.

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