‘The Great Betrayal’ Defends Those Who Won’t Defend Themselves


David Horowitz’s new book unveils the Democrats’ treachery in Iraq — and the tragedy and bloodshed it spawned.

Take No Prisoners


Latest book by David Horowitz provides modern battle plan for conservatives.

Senate Democrats and a Cop Killer

Debo Adegbile

Democrats poised to push through nomination of Mumia Abu Jamal devotee Debo Adegbile.

The Elastic Clause of the Constitution


Haven’t you heard of the constitutional power that entitles the president to do whatever he wants?

Stop Giving Obama Radicals the Benefit of the Doubt


This is not your grandfather’s Democratic Party.

Seven More Reasons to Impeach Eric Holder


The multiple new reasons why Holder is unfit to serve as Attorney General.

The New York Times and New Black Panthers Protect Election Lawbreakers


Decent Americans seeking to improve the election process are smeared and slandered by the paper’s lies.

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Fact or Fiction?: 1001 Muslim Inventions Comes to Washington D.C.


When myth mingles with science and rumor becomes history.

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The Left Owns the Election Law Industry


How the system is rigged to help radicals win elections.

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