The Last Israelis


Noah Beck’s apocalyptic novel confronts the doomsday scenario of a nuclear-armed Iran.

Europe’s Last Stand?


This week The American Freedom Alliance hosts a major international conference in Los Angeles.

Soviet Crimes Against the Jewish People


A new initiative sets out to document the historical record of Soviet Jew-Hate and its consequences.

Crucified Again: The Islamic Jihad on Christians Exposed


Raymond Ibrahim’s new book gives a voice to the voiceless Christians suffering under Islam.

Muslim Mommy Dearest


The sick and twisted jihadist world of Zubeidat Tsarnaeva.

The Devil in History


Scholar Vladimir Tismaneanu sheds light on communism, fascism, and some lessons of the Twentieth Century.

Bullies: How The Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America

Bullies Book Cover1

Ben Shapiro’s new book documents progressives’ penchant for demonizing their opponents — and their disdain for honest debate.

Martyred in the USSR, Militant Atheism in the Former Soviet Union


A new documentary sheds light on the vicious terror inflicted on Christians by Soviet communism.

Remembering a Dissident


A tribute to my father — who passed 15 years ago today — for his courageous battle against the Soviet Empire.

Through These Blues


A view from inside the political jihad arena.