The Racist Ravings of Derrick Bell


Obama’s reverence for a professor of hate.

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A New Anti-American “Peace” Movement


A recently formed activist organization, aligned with hardcore socialists, calls the U.S. “the world’s greatest terrorist.”

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Occupy Wall Street

Meet the “Occupiers” of a City Near You


They’ve been widely depicted as a “motley crew,” but their unifying agendas are clear: socialism and anti-Americanism.

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Jim Clyburn: Personification of a Degraded Party


The third-leading Democrat in the House sees the bloated welfare state as an ideal worth striving for.

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Academia’s Hate-America Presses


The radical agenda shared by nearly 100 university presses nationwide.

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A Cartoonish Worldview


A look at the legacy of the late Paul Conrad, longtime editorial cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times.

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Al Sharpton, Holy Man, Tries to Keep Glenn Beck from “Hijacking” His “Movement”

Striking a powerful blow in defense of Martin Luther King’s memory, Reverend Al Sharpton accused Glenn Beck – who held his “Restoring Honor” event in DC last Saturday, on the 47th anniversary of King’s immortal “I Have a Dream” speech – of engaging in “a blatant attempt to hijack” the civil rights movement “that changed [...]

Obama’s Witch Hunter


Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez views America as a virtual cesspool of racism, Islamophobia, sexism, and so much more.

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The Founder of WikiLeaks and His Secret Life


The champion of “transparency” has a long history of crime and immature self-absorption.

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