To Kill a Christian Pastor


Youcef Nadarkhani awaits execution in Iran for converting to Christianity.

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Responding to the Mullahs’ Jihad in America


The steps the U.S. government takes next are crucial.

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Hiking Fellow Travelers and the Iranian Threat


Once again, American leftists denounce a country that saved their lives.

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The Strange Story of an Iranian “Defector”


A former Iranian intelligence agent infiltrates — and damages — the Iranian opposition in the West.

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Iran’s War on the Internet


The Mullahs set out to suffocate Iranians with an internal, state-run web service.

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And the Winner Is….Iran


The genocidal regime that will benefit most from Obama’s treatment of Israel.

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Revolution, not Reform, for Iranians


The Islamic Republic can only go on for so long crushing the demands of its people.

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Qaddafi and the Clintons


Today Hillary is demanding the ouster of a despot her husband helped bolster.

Will Egyptians Lose Their Revolution?


Tragic lessons from Khomeini’s killing fields.

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Iran’s Christians


Despite the Mullahs’ persecution of Christians, a growing number of Iranians are turning to Christianity.

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