Getting the Islamic Republic Wrong


Having lived in Iran for over a decade, the Western media’s ignorance never ceases to surprise me.

The Mullahs’ Expanding Empire


While Obama capitulates, the Islamic Republic brags that it’s captured three Arab capitals.

The Mullahs’ Economic Renaissance


The West’s catastrophic mistake.

Iran and the 4th Anniversary of the Syrian Uprising


The Iranization of Syria.

Obama’s Fatal Nuclear Deal


A regional nuclear arms race hangs in the balance.

The Pointlessness of the Two-Phased Nuclear Deal

366376_Ayatollah Khamenei

The deceptive first stage to a dangerous deal.

The New Shiite Crescent


While the world watches ISIS, a more serious threat metastasizes.

Obama’s Failed Nuclear Policy and Khamenei’s Duplicity


Will Congress stand up to the president?

Anniversary of the Islamic Republic and Mullahs

A woman passes a poster of the Khomeini and revolutionary guards, Iran.

Thirty-six years of darkness.

Did Iran Have a Hand in the Death of Alberto Nisman?


The search for justice in a suspicious “suicide.”