Quakers: Hard on U.S., Easy on Iran

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American Friends Service Committee’s peculiar silence on the warmongering Islamic Republic.

Merry Christmas: Jesus’s Birthplace is an ‘Open-Air Prison’


A special holiday message from the haters of Israel.

Religious Left Joins in Condemning Israel


But Hamas’s genocidal onslaught against the Jewish State gets a pass.

Anti-Israel Christians Stir Further Controversy


The Religious Left presses on with its favorite campaign.

Relations Break Down Between Jewish & Protestant Groups


Church leaders’ obsessive denunciation of Israel encourages interfaith estrangement.

Defending Sudan’s Christians from Islamist Terror


Archbishop of York John Sentamu speaks out while too many other clerics stay silent.

Leftist Christians vs. the Jewish State


The Religious Left condemns Israel — while ignoring the most repressive regimes on earth.

Denouncing Jihad Is ‘Hate Speech’?


The Christian Left is more concerned with language used to describe killers than their war of annihilation.

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Quakers Divest from Israel


While few in the congregation condemn Iran or Islamic terror.

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Britain Remembers Its ‘Finest Hour’


Ugandan-born Archbishop of York displays touching patriotism.

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