The Rebels’ Last Stand


Without Western help, anti-Gaddafi forces stand little chance.

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Bringing Down Iran


Finally, Obama speaks out in favor of Iranian protesters.

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Hezbollah’s Lessons


What Egypt’s Islamists learned about grabbing power from their brethren in Lebanon.

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China on Our Minds


President Hu’s visit to Washington prompts speculation on a growing Cold War.

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Chavez and the Drug Smugglers

hugo chavez 120307

Despite well-publicized arrests, Venezuela remains a major player in the drug trade.

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Latin America Picks Palestine


Growing Iranian clout — and America’s silence — leave Israel isolated.

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Britain’s Sad Decline


A former military superpower drowns in the welfare state’s red ink.

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Brink of War


Is the Korean Peninsula at the point of no return?

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New START — A Bad Start


Why the White House has gone too far to secure a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty treaty with Russia.

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Japan Gets Smart


Even a troubled America is good to have in your corner.

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