Rachel Maddow Smears ‘Racist’ Scalia

Military Gays

Leftist talk show host embarrassingly misunderstands Supreme Court’s discussion of the Voting Rights Act.

The Chavez Nightmare Comes to an End


Communist tyrant will be remembered for his fanaticism and brutality.

The Racism of Gun Control


Black civil rights leaders condemn history of racist Dem attacks on the Second Amendment.

Bloodied Hagel Heads to the Pentagon

Chuck Hagel

The Senate confirms the Defense Secretary nominee — as the Republicans’ opposition crumbles.

Smearing Ted Cruz


A conservative warrior comes under attack for daring to speak truth to power.

Hagel: Israel An Apartheid State


Obama’s choice for his defense secretary makes more sense as the appeasement dream team takes shape.

Dorner, Folk Hero of the Left


Nobody loves cop killers more than left-wingers do.

Double-Voting for Obama


Activist of Soros-funded group admits her crime — but more is beneath the surface.

Raking Brennan Over the Coals


On all the issues but the most important one.

Oliver Stone’s Bush Derangement Syndrome


The neo-Communist filmmaker presents yet another perversion of history.