Oliver Stone’s Distortion of the Eisenhower Era


Why the radical historical revisionist hates Ike.

Gun Confiscation By Presidential Decree?


Is it really so far-fetched in the age of Obama?

Off With a Bang: Assault on Second Amendment Begins


New Congress and an emboldened President Obama are after much more than an “assault weapons” ban.

Fiscal Cliff Showdown Postponed to March

House Passes Budget Deal Past Fiscal Cliff Deadline

Fiscal-disaster procrastination bill passes without big spending cuts.

Grab Your Parachute


No deal yet on fiscal cliff.

Going Over the Cliff


As time runs out, options disappear.

Oliver Stone’s Untrue History: Stalin the Great Hero of WWII


Castro’s worshiper weaves a twisted tale of America’s immoral and minor role in the Second World War.

Anti-Gun Lunatics Take Over the Asylum


Obama offers bread and circuses to the anti-Second Amendment mob — while ignoring the deadly damage caused by the ACLU.

Unions Prepare for ‘Civil War’


Michigan right to work victory provokes the Left’s class warfare bloodlust.

Worker Freedom Comes to Michigan?

Right To Work Michigan

Unions launch last-ditch effort against right to work plan.