Punishing the Victims of Islamic Gender Apartheid?


Why would we deny asylum to potential honor killing victims?

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The Death of Free Speech in Europe: On Trial in Denmark for “Islamophobia

Europe, once the birthplace of freedom, is fast becoming its graveyard. Next month, Lars Hedegaard, the President of the Danish Free Press Society and the International Free Press Society, will stand trial for telling the truth about Islamic gender apartheid.

Peretz-the-Leftist Defames Pollard As “Repellent Viper”

Marty Peretz uses shockingly anti-Semitic language to make the case against Obama pardoning Jonathan Pollard. Pollard might not be a saint but does each and every sinner have to be Jesus Christ in order to merit compassion in America?

Judeophobia vs. Islamophobia: Racial Profiling in the American Intelligence Community

Has the American intelligence community embraced Judeophobia? And if so, why do we hear so much more about “Islamophobia”?

Judaeophobia vs Islamophobia


Racial profiling in the American intelligence community.

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Al Qaeda Female Suicide Killer?


Or her father’s victim?

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The New Evil Empire

Chomsky and Nasrallah

A new book exposes the global alliance between Islamist totalitarianism and Western leftism.

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A Showdown with Evil

Dr. Jamie Glazov’s new book showcases some of the radically dissident work being done by those who are defamed and marginalized by the mainstream media as “conservatives,” “Islamophobes,” “racists,” and “traitors.” Glazov stands with them and does not mince words about what is wrong with Islam in the 21st century.

Will Honor Killing Threats Keep Harry Potter Actress in Permanent Hiding?

Afshan Azad may be a young, modern, and popular actress, but all of Harry Potter’s magic cannot protect her from the normalized violence towards women among South Asian immigrants to the West.

Is It Not Torture When the Prisoner is a Jew?

Why is this man still in jail? Why was this man forced to spend seven years in solitary? Why is he still confined, languishing, festering in jail for a total of twenty five years?