EPA’s ‘Crucifixion’ of Energy Sector Exposed


A glimpse into the zealotry governing Obama’s out-of-control agency.

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Obama’s Energy Follies Continue

Obama Energy

The administration continues to sabotage America’s future.

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Obama Delivers a Death Blow to the Coal Industry


The president’s mega-corporate cronies stand to make a handsome profit as a result.

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Obama’s Solar Alchemy


The president’s futile campaign to turn alternative energy failure into green gold.

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A Victory Against Obama’s Green Tyranny


Unanimous vote in the Supreme Court against EPA overreach — but still a long way to go until justice is done.

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Debunking Obama’s Energy Policy Lies


As gas prices rise, so does the president’s misdirection.

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Eco-Radical Defrauds Conservative Institute


Another scandal reveals the deceptive core of the global warming alarmist movement.

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Sabotaging America: The Obama Energy Agenda


Steps the president could take to ease gas price worries.

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Obama’s Enviro-Fat Cat Welfare Program


A great deal if you happen to be one of the president’s campaign bundlers.

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An Administration’s Green Fiascos Pile Up


The bankrupt ideology that’s bankrupting the taxpayer.

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