Stolen History

The Freedom Center's new pamphlet documents how the Palestinians and their allies attack Israel’s right to exist by erasing its past.

Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas is poised to proceed with his bid for Palestinian statehood recognition at the UN, while Western powers are still clambering to forestall the effort and avert a regional diplomatic quagmire. At this juncture, we might ask ourselves how a terrorist entity like the PA, enmeshed in the genocidal campaign to wipe Israel off the map, has become the darling of the "human rights" wing of the UN. The answer lies in a deliberate rewriting of history, which has in effect created a nation in exile which has actually never existed.

Because there was never a state of "Palestine" nor a "Palestinian people,"  those who promote the notion  of a "Palestinian homeland," where the Palestinians have lived from "time immemorial," must create a faux-history to justify this claim.  Stealing Israel’s history offers a short cut that also has the advantage of denying the legitimacy of the Jewish state. So Arab propagandists, supported by anti-Israel archaeologists, historians and scriptural scholars in the West, are hard at work erasing or denying all evidence of things Jewish in the Land of Israel and substituting the fictitious narrative of an ancient "Palestinian people," whose presence in the land of Canaan stretches back for thousands of years.

This effort to perpetrate the historical equivalent of genocide is the subject of David Meir-Levi’s important new pamphlet, Stolen History: How the Palestinians and their Allies Attack Israel’s Right to Exist by Erasing its Past.

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