White Racists

For the Left, being a black conservative and a runaway slave are the gravest wrongs of all.

Flash back twenty years to the Clarence Thomas hearings and every attack on him then and since has wound around two common points: He's dumb and he's oversexed. Now, twenty years later, the front-runner for the Republican nomination is being hit again by his leftist haters with those same two charges.

It's possible to believe that the fact that the two accusations leveled against Justice Thomas just happened to play into traditional racist stereotypes was a coincidence, but that the same stereotypes are being used again against the second most prominent black conservative after Thomas on the national stage is more than just coincidence.

Once is a shot in the dark, twice is a pattern, and it's an ugly pattern. Leftists eagerly tear apart women who accuse Democratic politicians of improper behavior and then suddenly become born-again feminists when there's a black Republican to be taken down.

Anita Hill was treated as a hero, not because of anything that happened to her, but because she was useful to the Left's cause. Seven years later, the women who stepped forward to accuse Bill Clinton of wrongdoing were jeered and demeaned for opening their mouths by the same politicians and activists who had presented Hill as a role model for women. Meanwhile, Kathleen Wiley, who accused Clinton of attacking her and was libeled for it by the Left, has expressed her support for Cain.

The unwinding is obvious at the fringes. Janeane Garofalo has accused the Republican Party of being the last bastion of white supremacy in the country. When Cain began to achieve prominence, she tried to deal with the contradiction by claiming that he was there just to cover up all the white supremacy. Now that he's the front runner, and there are sexual allegations against him, she can resolve the contradiction by attacking Cain on the allegations and then pointing to the remaining white candidates as proof that the Republican Party is racist.

This is something that the Left does over and over again, turning black conservatives into a special target, and when it succeeds in hounding them out, then it has "proof" that the Republican Party is racist: "Where are all the minorities?"

Janeane Garafalo, who has a framed picture of herself with Bill Clinton, is the perfect poster child for leftist hypocrisy. She defended supporters of Hollywood pedophile Roman Polanski and claimed that Weinergate wasn't Weiner's fault but a distraction created by the media and Republicans; but now she suddenly has a "truly important" case to focus on.

The issue isn't Cain's guilt or innocence, which can only be determined by the evidence, not by pundits and commentators -- the issue is the Left's contemptible double standard on racism and sexism, which it exploits for its own benefit. The Left plays the race card against conservative women and the sexism card against conservative black men, not because it believes that racism and sexism are wrong, but because it’s a party built on the art of dividing and conquering along the lines of group identity.

If Cain, like Mel Reynolds, a former black congressman convicted of 12 counts of sexual assault, happened to be a Democrat, then the media would have been telling a completely different story. Reynolds, who was also convicted of bank fraud, received a special commutation of his sentence from Bill Clinton --  without even actually applying for it.

This is how Reynolds, a key figure in the rise of Obama, was greeted on his release by one Chicago newspaper. "Welcome back to `the world', Mel Reynolds."

"Following a too-long incarceration for his foolish transgressions, personal and financial, former Second District Congressman Mel Reynolds is back on the street again -- thanks to a special dispensation from President Clinton, hours before he left the presidency Saturday night that released Reynolds from prison. Reynolds -- who now seeks to make amends to his family, as well as his former constituents -- should be welcomed back into the community."

Those are the rules of the game, and they have nothing to do with right or wrong, black or white. The same people who will ride their high horses all over Cain have framed photos of Bill Clinton hanging on their walls. They speak at women's rights seminars and then turn on conservative women like Palin or Bachmann using the very tools of sexism which they condemn. They denounce racism and then exploit racial stereotypes to bring down black conservatives.

The Democratic Party’s history of suppressing black Republicans goes back to the Reconstruction period after the Civil War.

Joseph Rainey, the first black congressman, and a Republican from South Carolina, was forced out of office by Democrats through voter fraud. (John Menard, the first black Republican to win a congressional election was not even seated.) Senator Hiram Revels, the first black senator and a Republican from Mississippi, was nearly kept out of office by Democrats who claimed that even a free black man could not have been considered an American citizen.

Over a century later they are still at it. The words have changed, but the tactics haven't and neither has the goal: to keep minorities as a plantation vote and to create the perception that this plantation vote proves that their opponents are racist. The Democratic Party’s old racism didn't die, it was reborn in a more cynical and manipulative form. The old stereotypes are there waiting to be called on when the time is right.

The media has turned the accusations against Cain into a three-ring circus, not because it believes that sexual harassment is wrong, but because it believes that being a conservative is wrong. And being a black conservative, a runaway slave, is the gravest wrong of all. The dusty closet of their party is still stocked with the old posters warning that Republicans will loose sex-crazed slaves on the population and promote miscegenation. And when they're done lynching another runaway slave, it will be time to run a piece accusing anyone who opposes Obama of being a racist.

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