To Cook and Eat an Infidel -- on The Glazov Gang

Obama’s favorite Islamic university teaches Muslims on the delicacies of cannibalism.

Don’t miss this special episode of The Glazov Gang in which Ann-Marie Murrell, the National Director of, Mike Finch, the Chief Operating Officer at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and Dwight Schultz, a Hollywood actor who played Murdock on NBC’s The-A-Team, discuss: To Cook and Eat an InfidelThe discussion occurred in Part II, during which the Gang tackled why Obama’s favorite Islamic university is instructing Muslims to kill and eat the kafir. The segment also included an analysis of Obama's immigration reform policy and why the U.S. president has taken sides with an Islamist Jew-hating tyrant in Egypt. In Part I, the Gang focused on Ann-Marie's courageous confrontation with Suhail Khan at CPAC 2012. Watch both segments of the two-part series below:

Part I:

Part II:

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