We’re All Nazis Now?

There's no Uglier American than the Anti-American American.

If you’ve never been called a Nazi by a leftist, then you’re not trying hard enough, or you’re a leftist. This past week, world-class America-hater Noam ‘the gnome’ Chomsky & legendary imbecile Tony Bennett cried “Nazi” about America. Chomsky was on state-run Iranian television -Iran being the greatest state sponsor of jihad terrorism on earth- telling their headscarf-wearing Muslim female ‘reporter’ that America is a terrorist state and that “We’re just like the Nazis”. The day Chomsky stops saying vile things about America is the day he drops dead.

As for Tony “Banana Nose” Bennett, this rank Sinatra tried be taken seriously on the current “gun control” issue, but failed miserably. His "speech" quickly dropped to the bottom of the leftist barrel as he said, in essence, that if we're not like him, a “far out” “pacifist,” well then, we’re going to become Nazi Germany and the world’s going to destroy us the way we destroyed the Nazis. This is nothing new for the “I left my brain in San Francisco” singer. Recall how Bennett blamed us for 9/11, saying, “Who are the terrorists? Are we the terrorists or are they the terrorists? Two wrongs don't make a right…They flew the planes in, but we caused it…because we were bombing them and they told us to stop."

Newsbusters tried to make sense of Bennett’s ‘we’re Nazis if we don’t ban guns’ nonsense:

“The illogic is enough to make one’s head spin: The rest of the world will invade America if it doesn’t pass gun control because we will be like the Nazis in creating violence. But such an action would be wrong because attacking Germany in World War II was not morally justified nor is attacking Islamic terrorist groups.”

Question: What do you think anti-American Americans hate more, America or themselves? And can the one hatred even exist without the other?

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