Obama's Media Puppet Show -- on The Glazov Gang

A disturbing look at the media's obedient silence in service of the president.

On this week's Glazov Gang, PJTV's Alfonzo Rachel joined Hollywood actor Dwight Schultz and PolitiChick warrior Ann-Marie Murrell to discuss Obama's Media Puppet Show. The discussion occurred in Part I and focused on the media's obedient silence in service of the president. The segment also dealt with The Left's Chris Dorner Romance.  Part II focused on CAIR Director Calls for Death Penalty for Blasphemers Against Islam. The discussion centered on CAIR St. Louis Director Faizan Syed's solution for the problem of people publishing "anti-Islamic" views on the internet. The segment also shed light on the nightmares posed by John Brennan, Chuck Hagel and John Kerry.  Watch both parts of the two-part-series below:

Part I:

(Until YouTube resolves its "Playlist" issues, if Part I appears as Part II for you above, watch Part 1 here.)

Part II:

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