Terrorist Bill Ayers: From Bombs to Obama

Ayers realized at one point that someone like Obama could do far more damage to America than he himself could ever do as a terrorist.

Terrorist Bill Ayers, who likes to call himself professor these days, is a long-time friend of Barack Benghazi Obama. If this is news to you, blame the Obamedia, who’ve done all they can to cover up this connection. If there was one thing that should have derailed Obama’s path to high office, it should have been his long-time friendship with the unrepentant terrorist. Clearly, the media didn’t give a damn about the implications of that friendship.

Back in the 2008 election, the media did all they could to cover up the Obama-Ayers connection, while non-leftist journalists and news sources did all they could to cover it. It was important to the American voter to know that the would-be president was friends with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers. They were successful enough that Obama had to answer a question or two about it. And, as usual, he lied. He said that Ayers was just “a guy who lives in my neighborhood.” The truth is that Obama had his political coming-out party at the terrorist’s house. Obama praised a book by the terrorist, who used it as a blurb. They ran a leftist indoctrination school together in Chicago for five years. And there is the likelihood that Obama had his terrorist friend write his first “memoir,” “Dreams From My [Muslim/Communist] Father.”

I think Ayers saw Obama as a political weapon that he could use to hurt America in ways he himself could never do before as a terrorist. Ayers probably felt that Obama could do FAR more damage within the system than his own bombs ever could. Unlike Ayers, Obama has been able to make his destructive ideas appear semi-reasonable by his affected demeanor, especially because he is a fundamentally truth-less man who will say absolutely anything to get what he wants, unlike some leftists who are sometimes honest about their true plans, like Ayers. So Ayers also knew that he had the sneakiest snake he could find in Obama, and he clearly saw him as a weapon, a weapon he would use to do great damage to the country he hates.

Here’s what I wrote on my blog the night Obama won the presidency on Nov. 5, 2008:

A terrorist's friend has won the US presidency while terrorists wage a war on us. Let's take that in for a moment and fully appreciate how terrible that fact is. Ok, now what are we going to do about it as Individuals? Tell The Truth, no matter what. Tell the Truth, no matter that those who are hostile to the truth are in power. Tell the Truth, no matter that the man who will be charged to defend us from Muslim terrorists comes from a Muslim background, a fact that, in a post 9/11 world, didn't seem noteworthy for those who voted for him. A fact that he was never asked to fully elaborate on. Had those who voted him understood the enemy and his religion, they may have thought twice about the implications of voting in Obama, especially at this moment in time. But as with Obama, our culture has deemed Islam innocent even if proven guilty. In a sane world, Islam would have been named as the enemy's 'evil ideology' and Barack Hussein Obama would have been as scrutinized as Joe the Plumber. Obama will do everything but his job, so the war against the enemy just got harder for us and easier for the enemy.

Tell the Truth. It will save the world.