The Islamo-Fascist

How Nazi general Otto Ernst Remer came to admire Islamism for carrying on Hitler's work.

In the 2008 Tom Cruise movie “Valkyrie” about the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler, Major Otto Ernst Remer is portrayed as key to suppressing the anti-Hitler coup.  When Remer was arresting Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, unknowingly at the behest of the anti-Hitler plotters who claimed Hitler was dead, Goebbels slyly handed a phone to Remer.  "Do you recognize my voice?" a dark presence over the phone inquired of Remer, who immediately recognized the Fuehrer.  Hitler ordered an obedient Remer to capture alive all the conspirators against him, presumably so their eventual deaths could be suitably tortuous.

Their assassination attempt having failed to more than wound Hitler, the Valkyrie plotters quickly imploded.  Major Remer, portrayed by German actor Thomas Kretschmann, led his Greater Germany Regiment, which was responsible for security in Berlin, to arrest the anti-Hitler conspirators.   The movie portrayal is largely accurate.  In the less than one year of war remaining for the Third Reich, the 32 year old Remer was rewarded with promotion to Major General.

Remer lived until 1997 and was devoted to Hitler and the Third Reich until the very end.  His efforts to revive Nazism, and to deny the Holocaust, eventually forced him to leave Germany.  Like other old Nazis, he found temporary refuge, and work, in Egypt and Syria during the 1950’s, before dying in Spain.  A 1993 Egyptian newspaper interview outlined his views about Israel, Islam, the Palestinians, Iran’s Islamic Republic, and the United States.  He was interviewed for Cairo-based “Al Shaab” by a Moroccan Islamist Ahmed Rami, who previously had been imprisoned in Sweden for “anti-Zionist” activity, i.e. Holocaust denials.

“General Remer is a true friend of the Arabs and Muslims,” the article enthused. “He follows the problems and worries of our Islamic nation closely, as an observer and a friend,” it noted, recalling Remer’s role as military advisor to Egyptian President Nasser in the early 1950s and his later residence in Syria.  The Egyptian newspaper hailed Remer as one of the Third Reich’s most “brilliant generals,” when actually he had been promoted beyond his talent because of his role in suppressing Valkyrie.  Unsuccessful in combat leadership, his accomplishment was confined mostly to destroying the few Germans who tried to save Germany from Hitler.

Rami asked Remer about the “New World Order,” which is how President George H. W. Bush described the American-dominated post-Cold War world in the wake of the Persian Gulf War victory over Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.   “This concept is nothing but a new mask behind which lies hidden the international power of the Jewish organizations,” Remer pronounced.  Jewish groups were the only victors of World War II, he insisted, as the “states that allied themselves against Germany were, whether they knew it or not, in the service of Jewish interests and plans that were geared not only against Germany but also against the Islamic and Arab nations and against the western nations.”

According to Remer, the “rape of Palestine and the creation of the Israeli state” after World War II resulted from generations of Jewish planning.  Citing the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” Remer emphasized that the Jews had always plotted to “implement their actually very old ‘New World Order.’”

Remer praised the creation of Islamic regimes in Afghanistan and Iran.  “What is new again is the movement of Islamic rebirth and the continuous decay of the strength of the colonial government bodies directed from afar by Israel in many Islamic countries,” he recounted. He commended the Ayatollah Khomeini for having invited Mikhail Gorbachev to become a Muslim, which “had great symbolic power!”  And he hailed the “spiritual” victory of Afghan Mujaheddin.  As to Saddam’s Iraq, it was crushed because it would have broken the “Israeli monopoly on the atomic bomb in the Near East” and “Israeli technological hegemony.”

Unsurprisingly, Remer thought the 1991 U.S. led war against Saddam Hussein to liberate Kuwait was simply a contrivance by American Jews to neutralize an enemy of Israel.  “Everybody knows that Iraq could not threaten America even if she had atomic weapons,” he observed.  But Israel “saw her interests and her regional hegemony threatened,” so “America in the service of Israel waged war against Iraq.  Israel had “mobilized, as usual, her Jewish propagandists, who control the mass-media in the West.”

Remer predicted that the next target for Jewish “propaganda” would be Iran:  “The Jewish state will no longer forego any opportunity to incite the USA against Iran, and thereby the entire West and the ‘public opinion’ of the Western states controlled by the mass-media.”  He warned that Israel aimed to “liquidate” Iran and “the Islamic movement, and also any resistance against the tyranny of the Zionist world order.”  The old Nazi theorized that the “Islamic system of Persia is the only legitimate form of government of the Muslim world, because it springs from the way the people think and expresses their will.”  He also praised Sudan’s genocidal Islamist regime for similarly embodying supposedly the will of its Muslim people.

Islamist movements, according to Remer, are an antidote to the corrupting “microbes” of Jewish influence that seek to “decompose the organism of the nation” and to “enslave the souls of the non-Jews.”  Remer apparently renounced allegiance to his church to serve the Third Reich.  He did not seem to have become a Muslim but certainly saw robust Islam as central to countering Jewish influence.  “Under present-day circumstances, the Islamic movements play the part of antibodies striving to preserve the health of the nation,” he asserted.  “The Islamic revival movement takes over the role of the life preserver, in order to save the Islamic nation from drowning in the sea of corruption of the Jewish organizations.”

Remer compared defeated Germany to the defeated Palestinians, both victims of Jews, and both suffering “occupation.”  Just as Germans in the future hoped to regain lost territories in the East, he insisted, so Palestinians rightly dream of removing Israeli occupation.  But he regretted that many ostensible Muslim nations, like Egypt, were aligned with “colonial” powers like the U.S. against legitimate Islamic regimes.  The answer?  “I see no way out of the serious current circumstances other than the setting up of a true Islamic society and of an Islamic state in every Muslim country, and the implementation of the political and economic unity of the Islamic states.”

The “witch hunt against Islam is a tactical propaganda of the Jewish organizations that served at its time to sway public opinion in favor of a war against Iraq,” Remer explained, warning: “The same tactic is being used today in the witch hunt against Persia.”   Remer of course called for creating a “true Palestine, that should be able to confine within its limits the Jewish usurping state,” while hailing Hamas as the proper “Islamic response to the Zionist challenge.”

Remer concluded by telling Egyptian readers that their nation too should follow the Islamist path.  Since Nasser’s death and Sadat’s “capitulation” to the West, the Arab world has been prostrate.   But now “Islamic movements raises the torch of the resistance,” and “that torch burns brightest in Iran and Sudan.”  He promised that “Egypt will soon occupy the place she deserves in the Islamic world - in the struggle for freedom, dignity and justice.”

Admonitions in 1993 from the old Nazi who helped in 1944 to prolong the Third Reich by an additional murderous 9 months eerily echo the pleas in 2010 from countless radical Islamists and their fellow travelers around the world.